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Hey. What can I say? I'm just an English schoolboy who's fallen in love with Draco Malfoy. There - I've said it. My only motivation for posting here is to try and get the world to see what MUST happen:


To accomplish this vital task I am writing a fic in which our two heroes will eventually realise their *true* feelings for each other, but it may take some time.

UPDATED 17 Feb 2002
Things I like: Football (that's soccer to you Yank types) red wine, cigarettes, days off school, beer, rain, designer boxers and beach parties (OK, I'm training to be a hedonist)

Things I hate: Small beds, weak showers, cabbage, shaving, long plane journeys, jock straps (have *you* ever had to wear one?), German verbs, French cars, people not saying thanks

And there you have Aidan Lynch in a nutshell

Love to all those who have reviewed Unthinkable Thoughts

XXX Draco Malfoy Rocks My World XXX