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All righty folks and folkettes, The J-man's back with some good fiction, at least I hope its good fiction. My main project right now is New Fantasy: Forian Ground, title will probably change four or five times before the new year since I don't want to JUST call it New Fantasy, sounds too vague you see.

I hope anyone interested in antogonistic stories will check it out, I've tried to keep this as reality driven as possible with a few exceptions because sadly there is no way in hell Stone Henge can be used like the Star Gate! At least I don't think it can... In any case, I'm still in the midst of writing the story so any thoughts or ideas you would like to see, write them in hypothetical situations, just leave it in the review bin or send me an email, I love hearing from readers, makes me feel all warm and special inside.

I'm debating on starting another fiction, it would be more sci-fi than fantasy but since I haven't nailed down my new work schedule I might actually have some time every night to sit down and do some writing. I'm not looking for Beta-readers, I edit all my own stuff because I end up factory producing chapters and then come back to them a month later so everything isn't fresh in my head, I've also had some bad experiences with Beta-readers, so it is nothing personal.

If you have any questions or just want to chat, I have MSN and an active email account I check everyday so drop me a line or add me to your list!

And if you've read this far I can tell you, youreally shouldn't be procrastinating from the project/ avoiding social activities/ or just not going to bed, we only have 24 hours in a day, sleeping through 18 of them is not a healthy life style.


A.K.A The Shellback

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