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Hi! :waves: Welcome to my corner of ff.net! Quite simply, I love to write. My current fandom is Harry Potter and hopefully, I'll be sticking around in it for a while. Just to tell you, I'm a slash writer and reader. I'll read pretty much anything, but the slash couples I currently write about are Harry/Snape and Harry/Draco. I like talking to people, so feel free to email me or IM me! However, sometimes I take a while to reply to email, but I do try. If anyone ever emails me and I take ages to respond, I am NOT ignoring you. Just to clarify that.

My MSN IM is digital_ria

My YM is ria_ruby

And for anyone bored enough, here's the link to my LJ:

Also, I've created an update group for my fics, if anyone is interested in being notified when I update: