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*Hank McCoy peeks in, spies the unguarded keyboard, scurries over and begins typing furiously.*

HANK: As you all very well know by now, I am fuzzyblue's muse. And as such, I feel obligated to warn all potential viewers that reading her 'sillyfics', as she calls them, may cause the following symptoms: uncontrollable laughter, aching sides, diminished IQ, and reduced brain cell count; all ultimately leading up to blank stares, drooling, and a possible loss of control of bodily functions. The effects may be irreversible; I am currently working on a cure for the problem but as of yet, I have not been very successful.

In the meantime, please proceed with caution. I will not be held responsible for the above-mentioned side-effects should you choose to read them.

I will also take this time to direct you to fuzzyblue's favorite stories and authors lists, as there is a plethora of excellent writings to be found there.

Have a nice day!


FUZZYBLUE (noticing blue hairs on the keyboard, reads her updated profile): What the...? HAAAAANK!!!

HANK: Eep! *runs for it*