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hizies!! well, it's been a VERY long time since I've updated this it goes! hahaha, I'm still 15 (just a few more months and I'll be 16!! *breaks out the party supplies*)I was born on December 29th, 1986. I'm a Junior in High School, I'm still 5'2...although I think that might be a bit off...cuz my mom's 5'4 and I'm as tall as she is...*blink* hhehehe...I dunno ^^:; my eyes are a like a dark chocolate color (I wish i had my brother's eyes!! they're a pretty brown! i used to think my dad had dark eyes, i recently NOTICED that my mom's the one with the dark eyes ^^;;)oh yeah! I got over my fear having another hair-catastrophe and decided to get highlights again!! so now I have mahagony-brown hair with golden-auburn highlights. it's so kawaii! *squeak*! hehehehe, anywayz...what else about moi? oh yeah! favorite colors are blue and pink. I was born and raised here in the U.S.A. I've been living in New York my whole life and couldn't be happier!! ^^ I love my state!! my family are originally from South America, Peru. (my mom says I have some Chinese blood in me from her side of the family, and I guess it's true cuz some of my cousins look a bit Asian...although I don't and my mom doesn't ^^;; And my grandma from my dad's side of the family says her grandparents were italians plus all of the last names in my dad's side of the family, including mine, sounds Italian so i guess it's true?)I can barely speak Spanish, cuz it's so damn confusing and I also can't read or write it that well.(man...see? that's why I stick to good 'ol english!) so please, never ask me to do a fic in spanish..I have the vocabulary of a 4 year-old!! I also know some french and that's as far as i go with languages ^^;; so yeah...that's like, everything about me so far that I can think of ^^;;
if there's anything you wanna ask, concerning my fics and stuff like that, or just to talk or whatever you want, either e-mail me or contact me on my AIM or MSN instant messenger account. although I'd suggest that it'd be better to contact me through one of the instant message thing cuz I'm really lazy when it comes to responding to e-mails *sweatdrop*
Hizies everyone!! well, Sapphie and I have moved our site to a new home. we've also added a bunch of new stuff plus 3 brand new authors to our fanfic section!! please go check out v.2 Shining Star!! don't forget to change your bookmarks!! ^.~ also, please sign our kawaii guestmap!! ^^

updates!!!!! (today is: Friday, December 13th, 2002) MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! BEWARE OF FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!! *sweatdrop*

Learning To Love: surprise surprise!!! I kept my promise!! *squeak*!! I finished the next chapter and it'll be up before I leave for winter vacation! It'll be up on friday night (dec 20) that'll give me just about enough time to pack before the 23rd! ^^;; thank you everyone for waiting so patiently! i didn't make you wait three months this time, aren't you glad? ^.~
HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND A MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! and a happy birthday to me and everyone else who's born on the last week of December! ^-^