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Flakey the leper didn't even have a nose
But he jumped about with a laugh and a shout
Cos he still had seven toes

Ah christmas time, mistletoe and wine. It's just all so much fun, what could possibly spoil it? Oh wait, i know, evil teachers setting really tight coursework deadlines and deciding that we should do exams straight after Christmas. We can just imagine the happy Christmas dinner, i'll be having, 'Dad pass the turkey please', 'Dad can i have a present now' and me going 'Dad will you test me on the different types of coastal erosion'

Ah well there's always the prospect of lots of happy Christmas fluff stories to look forward to, I will personally be writing one this year or at least have a christmassy chpater in one of my stories and it will be H/H, the only true ship to sail

9/12/02: I have been looking around and nowhere can i find a story that's actually about Tom Riddle's parents. And i have decided it must be one of the greatest love stories ever, the heir of Voldemort falls for a muggle, and it's time for the true story to be told. And i'm going to do it.

It'll be called something with Riddle in the title probably and a summary like this:
The heir of Slytherin falls for a muggle. Impossible you say? Quite wrong, this is the tale of ignorant parents, friends who didn’t understand them, a love that was doomed to fail. This is the story of Tom Marvello Riddle’s parents and the prejudice that led to their deaths

Favourite quote: Tony Blair, the best tory politician that we've ever had

Finally let me remind people that i have a tendancy to jump around stories so there may be long gaps between chapters in some stories, but hey at least i'm finally updating again

The perfect love poem reviews
This is my double award winning poem, it's rather sarcastic but in a humourous way and it isn't actually a love poem, it's more of a comment on love poetry
Poetry: General - Rated: K - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 241 - Reviews: 4 - Published: 11/3/2002