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Well. I haven't been back here in a while :). But it's one of those things where even if you've left home for a long period of time, once you return, it still feels like... home. And no, is not my homepage. Nice try, though :).

I haven't been here for a while, because, well, life, college, and university move on. And I had a nice, long bit of writer's block to add along to that. Mostly, though, I've been writing poetry that's been published over on that xanga site that I've listed above. Oh, and getting that poetry published in little literary magazines along the way. Woot for student publishings.

Anyway, who am I? Ohh, that sounds like the beginning of a good story--yeah, actually one of my stories does indeed go like that :P, but no. Since this is a behind-the-author blurb type thing, I think I'll keep it short, sweet, simple and intriguing--if I can manage it.

I am in fact short, but not sweet. Height, roundabout 5'2", weight 110 (yes, I tell you my weight :gasps: even though I'm female). Yes, I'm female. I attend a university up around Boston, and no, I'm not telling you which one. I have an actual real life where I rock climb, ski race, read tons of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, write... well, yes, write... and listen to fun/random indie-rock / Boston-area music.

My favorite published authors are (drumroll, please): Jacqueline Carey, Robert Jordan, Robin McKinley, Terry Pratchett, Mercedes Lackey, Philip Pullman, William Faulkner, Philip Roth, Neil Gaiman, Orson Scott Card, Robert Jordan, Will Shakespeare, and John Steinbeck. I also read many other and various books, however, these are pretty much the highlights.

I believe intelligence is sexy and something to be proud of, however I feel that intellectualism as constructed in the ivory tower is not something to crow about. It's impractical, though perhaps necessary for various reasons that may or may not benefit the human race, and weelll, I'll leave it right there, before I start to rant unnecessarily and shake my fist in the air. I'm a politics and an East Asian studies major (I am Chinese, so it may or may not be a cliche), and I believe in moderation and passion simultaneously. Erm... and on the argument of sci-fi vs. fantasy, I vote fantasy, but only because without fantasy, sci-fi technically wouldn't exist, and we'd be stuck in the Middle Ages where we burned things we weren't sure about--not that we don't do that now? In a figurative sense. Okay. I think I've incensed--aherm, I mean intrigued you enough.

Back to the stories. Love, to me, means R/R... and heartlessly constructively critiquing. Don't feel shy. I can only yell at the screen in reply--and you won't hear me :).

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