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Right. So I updated Retroactive Thought last week. And was going to have 15 up this week. But as I'm dead busy (sleep...what is this sleep you speak of?) the writings been put off to the side for a bit. It will probably be two weeks before I have 15 up, but hey, I may surprise myself. Also if you want to read a little citrusful fun that follows chapter 14 in RT than email me. I wrote it for bunnyb and for myself, but opted not to post (if only NC-17 was allowed on ficpress...) For anyone worried about Marcel's recent "disapearance" from the story he'll be back in full force in chapter 16.

A bit more about each of the stories:
Following the Moon:
A follow up on the trilogy bunnyb and I haven't quite managed to put into words. A romance between a Faerie and a runaway Duchess develops on a quest to locate a powerful magical artifact that may destroy them in the process. Now that they've found and lost it, can they salvage their lives and help restore order to their war torn world? FINISHED. Been thinking about getting more about their world down in writing though.

Retroactive Thought:
This one's a bit on the darker side of things. An assassin and "witch" struggles with her choices in life when a bit of her past comes back to bite her in the ass. She's gone so far into the darkness that she's not sure she can come back, but she's got to try to save her ex boyfriend (the only guy she ever loved, even if she thinks she's over him now) and his annoying new girlfriend (who's the root of most of her problems), while dealing with an exceeding inconvenient magical bond with a very hot, very angry vampire, as well as her on-again, off-again assassin fling. It's insane but fun. Depending on your version of fun I guess.

A little fic about a young queen who ran after her husband was killed in a coup. Or so she thought until he shows up at the taven she's been running. But not only is he dead, he also has absolutely no memory of being King, of being married, or of their love. Can they find a way to salvage their relationship? It's finished if you're looking for a completed story.

if anyone's looking for citrusful fun and jackass cheating men please read bunnyb's excellent tale of summer romance: Alphabet. It's even finished.

I'm also a big fan of Peachez24 and her story about the vampire queen (unfortunately I seem to have forgotten the name).

If by chance anyone wishes to read any wondrous NC-17 bunnyb, thecoffeebringer, and I have created the following site for NC-17 writers and readers: http:///pages/ekg7/ Email me if you want something posted and I'll see what I can do.

Thanks to all you cool reviewers. If you are one of those people...I know they're out there due to my handy and somewhat depressing enhanced statistic (it tells me for example that of the 18 people who read my poem Beauty and Ugly only 3 reviewed. Sob. Sob.)...who reads and then doesn't review because you thought it sucked...Please tell me what's wrong with it. Of course chances are if you're one of those people you haven't taken the time to read this bio so this is all a very sad waste of time. Oh well. Thanks for reading anyway. Of course for all of you wonderful people who were so kind and wonderful as to review my stuff ie. Kool Kitten, bunnyb, Jiminy Cricker, thecoffeebringer, Smi, Lars, kate's sister, Raonaid Siofra, Hunter the Hunted, Galya, DeeEe, M2D, ShaDar, Vampiress01, midnightinthegarden, Argenteus Draco, ClarKeRaven, LiFe*Iz*PrEtEnD, Aranel, Nightmarelover, rat girl, Malkavian Seraphim 18, Smoky Bear, Miamouse, AsianScaper, anne,Darren Shan, ski118, Xelena, crumpetboy, sorcerer, lullaby, Tomaku Songi, Peachez24, Jibz, JoeyStar, Deana Bell, Nadine, Lauren334, your~promises, and Miss Spinn. A special thank you to Letylyf...sorry I somehow missed you the first time around. You are all fabulous people and I really appreciate the time it took to fill it out. If I haven't returned the favor by now then I'm running a tad bit slow, but don't worry, I will. Also special props a ma meilleure amie, bunnyb. You're all very cool people and everyone should read your writing. Also if you get the time try to read the writing of those people on my favorite authors list. They're very good.

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A powerful witch and assassin faces her past and her future. Ch. 15 up. Featuring bitchiness and more than one family reunion. One of which is rather unexpected.
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