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Well...I've had my little break and when I came back to read some of my own stuff...guess what? I didn't like any of it and it was all crap. So I am starting over, yet again, 'cause I know I can do better and hopefully, this time I won't think my work is crap when I read it again after a period of time.

Story(ies) In Progress


Story(ies) Completed


Story(ies) To Come

Finding My Dreams In You

Alastor, an orphan, who works in the WWIGSO (world wide inter-galactic space orginization), dreams of becoming a famous space explorer, but he doesn't have any hope. Little did he now that one girl can make it all possible for him.

Main Character(s)
Alta Kimichi-girl who can make it all possible (light)
Alastor-orphan (light)

Love Found In Desperation

Princess Zylee of Celindon is trapped in the enemy country, Selby, posing as a handmaiden for the Princess. The Prince of Selby, Corbel, fancy himself in love with Zylle. What's a Princess to do?

Main Character(s)
Zylle-princess of Celindon (light)
Corbel-prince of Selby (dark)
Mahina-princess of Selby


She doesn't know who exactly he is. He thought she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. She confides in him, he gives her advice. There is a traitor among her group of friends. He doesn't know how he coul ever make her love him. The is not the life of a normal outlaw.

Main Character(s)
Lanaya-has a traitor in her group of friends(dark)

Jakkin-outsier whom Lanaya confides in (dark)

Secret Agent Madness

He thought he would never see his love again after she disappeared. He didn't know how wrong he was, she was banished from the SSOSA (Secret Socity Of Secret Agents) years ago, but now she's back as his ultimate test.

Main Characeter(s)
Clio-discharged by SSOSA (light)
Jalen-though he'll never see Clio again (dark)

My Parent Are Playing Cupid

Flavia Gotzerine is finally able to achieve her life long dream of becoming a teacher but her parents just had to ruin it by inviting some annoying guy to coe love with them. A student, if nothing else, he was older than she was too.

Main Character(s)
Flavia Gotzerine-a teacher at night school (dark)
Agostino-student to Flavia (dark)

The Princess' Con-man

Akkiis a princess who will only marry for love. She must be married by her 18th birthday or lose her head. Faris was only in it for the money, well Fallon saw right through him and sent him away. But the keep meeting up again and again, destiny may be forcing them to take its path.

Main Character(s)

Akki-Bachlorette Princess looking for a husband (dark)
Faris-Con-man looking for money (dark)
Aunt-Akki's aunt

The Beginning

A war is brewing between the magician Merlin and the sorceress Morgan le Fay. And the fate of two young people may tip the scale, the guardian of the Leadius Sword and the one who can read from the Black Book of Star and Sun. It is the question fo who is able to find them first.

Main Character(s)
Ayanna(beautiful flower)-Book of Wisdom (dark)
Kael Moringstar-Leadisu Sword (light)

A Child's World

Another world where children must visit, all do, but few go back, going back meant that you had to stay there forever. She went back, only she, too save the one she loved...but would he leave her to fend for herself alone in the strange world?

Main Character(s)

Kiri-went back (light)
Kaipo-face delimia (light)