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My name is Kaylin. I live in Washington, where it's really wet. My hobbies are reading, writing and martial arts. my favorite classes are English and Japanese. i like Ranma 1/2, Gundam Wing, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, Disc World books, and several other things that don't pop into mind at this point in time, so...yeah.
I have six rubber devil ducks that are sort of muses. Deevel, Katachi, Makku, Tsukiyo, Q.E. and Hibiki.
I LOATHE Mary-Sues, badly-written fics, people who say "i'm lousy at writing summaries, so just review", pop-up windows, alarm clocks, Harry Potter romance fiction, "Peter doesn't deserve the others, so i didn't write him in" and scary mental pictures.
i found my motto in a fic (can't remember where or which one, sorry). translated into English, "To ponder that of yours, to trust, to exist outside of one's mind".
i have no clue what it means.
I do not believe in Harry/Hermione or Ron/Hermione, because at the moment the whole group is balanced out, and if two of them started dating each other, the group would get thrown off balance and out of whack.
Also, Katameran and I have found some suspicious evidence against everyone's favorite convict - Sirius Black.
1: he turns into a dog and then walks out of Azkaban. there must be some spells to alert people if the prisoners do escape - it's a wizard prison, after all!
2: Dumbledore says (right before Harry finds out about the Time-Turner in book three) that he gave evidence at Sirius' trial. something along the lines of 'blah blah, they won't believe you, I myself gave evidence at his trial, blah blah'
Sirius said that he didn't get a trial when they were talking about Crouch senior. 'the man who threw me in Azkaban without a trial.' as if, maybe, he was trying to influence their opinions.
Also, this isn't really evidence, but if Dumbledore gave evidense at Sirius' trial (assuming there was a trial) then he obviously believed that he (Sirius) was guilty. Dumbledore also offered to be the Potter's Secret-Keeper (remember the scene at the Three Broomsticks?) Dumbledore doesn't suspect people without a reason.
Here's a theory that's probably going to get me tarred and feathered by Sirius fans: Sirius really IS guilty, and Dumbledore knows, but Sirius has already gotten to Harry, so Dumbledore can't kill him because it would make Harry upset and angry with Dumbledore and the light side. they sure as hell don't want that. So Dumbledore sends Sirius on a suicide mission (Sirius alerting the 'old crowd'. how do you think the 'old crowd' is going to react when they see the traitorous murderer Sirius Black?) on the hopes that one of them will kill Sirius, since they don't know of his innocence. Sure, Harry will be sad, and Dumbledore will act all sad too, but it keeps Dumbledore from having to arrange an 'accident'.
another theory, one that is less likely to get me killed, is that Sirius is HIDING SOMETHING.