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The name's Charlotte: Valentine Angel here. I write yaoi, and other stuff. I love videogames, anime, and writing, thus explaining why I am here. ^_^

I have 2 accounts at One is a personal account so I don't put my yaoi fics on there (family members often view that profile) so I actually have written more stuff, its just not here. ^_^;;

Okay, my profile:

Real name: Charlotte Nash (*cringe*)
Age: 15 (can act from ages 1 - 65 as situation arises)
Height: 164cm
Eyes: Greenish
Location: United Kingdom
Hobbies: Writing (yup, had to put it), reading, doodling, listening to music, designing stuff, fixing other people's computers, updating website, chatting, chilling, stressing out... and eating. I like eating.
Favourite anime/videogame couples: Snake x Otacon (MGS), Seifer x Zell (FF8), Tseng x Reno (FF7), Cid x Vincent (FF7), Yuffie x Vincent (FF7) Touya x Yuki (CCS), Sakura x Tomoyo (CCS), Urd x Megumi (OMG)
Favourite guys: ... Too many to list. ^_~
Quote of the moment: "Sprained ankle my arse!" - Hayley observes that Snake and Otacon are waaaaay too friendly in MGS and that Hal has a limp.