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Name: Tori Yuki Ichimura

Age: 19

Height: 165cm or 5'6"

Hair: About mid-back; very dark brown with red tips

Eyes: Completely, unnaturally green. Think Tro.

Favorites: Hanging out with friends TheKamikazeDucks!, reading and writing FanFiction You know who you are!, listening to music TOSHI KEIYOOSHI!, and going to work! Loves her low-paying but ultimately rewarding job.

Hobbies: Writing and illustrating doujinshi and cosplaying (officially) to promote new anime series.

Favotite Conventions of All Time: Komiket, Otakon and Shoujocon!!! (*glomps Toby*)

Favorite Book: Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy trilogy! (all five books, lol)

Favorite Piece Of Jewelry: A pair of gold, sea-shell shaped earrings from Talon-kun.

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Kegawa: He was actually just a stuffed ferret that Stanton bought me until I tried to drown him in a mug of black coffee. His muse-ish powers are duplication and deception (which comes in handy when convincing charas to participate in fics).

Awa: He was FedExed to me one day by GunPointArt as part of TheKamikazeDuck's signing bonus. He's generally a nice guy, got that sort of 21st century samurai look going on there with the brestplate, the shinai and the Nike sneakers. Mostly he just wanders around my apartment, eating my food and sleeping on my couch. My roomates are beginning to suspect he's just some random hobo from GunPointArt trying to pass himself off as a muse, but then my question then is "Why is he not as hot as Rei from Kodomo No Omacha?" His muse-ish powers are levitation, dictation, and slippery-when-wet-ness.

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"This IS my costume! I'm Yaoi Duo!"
~Duo. Who else? Basically, he got up Sunday morning, put on some pants and was about to finish getting dressed but got bored and decided to go to the con like that; hair down, half-way out of his clothes.

God damn those yaoi fans for encouraging him...

Wanna see something damn strange?

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Um... Heh, this song-essay clearly shows the need for clearer communication, eh heh...
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