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Some interesting stats having to do with all of my stories
Total Fics: 11
Total Words: 48,062
Total Chaps: 42
Total Reviews: 211

Current Stories
Ebony and Magenta: This steamy little ficlet shares the romance of a round charcoal-skinned hunk and a pinkish colored man-girl thing. Pretty good, from what I've heard. o_O;;;

Fight First, Buu Later: It took me a little while to realize that the name of this fic sorta sounded like Buu does... poor sentence structure. Anywayz... the Z-Gang has done lots of fusion stuff and become five super beings, one of which Buu has absorbed. Now... Buu vs. SSJ3 GoShin!

Harry Potter and the Unauthorized Fifth Book: Got some decent reviews on my only HP fanfic. A parody, as many of my fanfictions are, this centers on dear Harry's fifth year. And the ensuing chaos. Wormtail is younger, Sirius and Remus are teenagers, Draco and Harry are friends? And look out for that Viktor Krum, Harry, tricky little devilish blighter he can be.

The End of Pop Music as We Know It: Ummm... sorta ran out of ideas. If you could give me any helping hints in a review... it would be appreciated. But I can give you a spoiler... Ricky Martin is with the Bacun government using propaganda shown through his music to take over the world!

James and the Magical Forklift: Next time, we meet the Magical Bob and his Equally Magical Shorts, when in a fit of anger, he sets the Evil Bunnies loose. They flee towards the Bunny Kingdom three miles away in a secluded wooded area. Lots of insanity will be forthcoming!

The Seven Horrors of Vegeta: Vegeta is slowly losing it. We only hope he can survive the horror that is Vegeta Jr. Next time... Vegeta gets to take a joyride. Like it says... ride. Junior is driving.

And coming soon... Broken. Harry is paralyzed by a bewitched Bludger in his fifth year, magic can protect him from his enemies, but what can protect him from himself? Dark angsty type of fanfiction, as Harry learns that even with magic, it could be over three years before he can walk again, and all the while dealing with the threat of Voldemort, who's gaining followers rapidly.

THANKS TO ALL OF ME LOYAL FANS! THOU SHALT BE REWARDED WITH THE SEAL OF LOYALTY--THE SHARK MARK! *holds up a magic wand and a shark appears on the reviewers' arms, with its tongue hanging out. It is staring crosseyed and blinks occasionally.*

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The End of Pop Music As We Know It reviews
Chester Bennington, me and friends are going to kill pop singers! YAY!
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James and the Magical Forklift reviews
I dunno.... there will be some WEIRD stuff in here... and this was inspired by volunteering at the Salvation Army....
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