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zoo: n, pl zoos a place where live animals are kept, studied, bred, and exhibited to the public. [from zoological garden] Zoo: n, sing, pl Zoos a species of roughly five feet high. Commonly misnamed 'Chibizoo', they prefer activities involving Yugioh fanfiction, fanart, and trading card games. Unfortunately, because of their uncoordinated behaviour and short-term memory, Zoos do not make good household pets. Zoos work best in a quiet, dark environment, and enjoy a consistent diet of Sake (warm Japanese wine), coffee, and chocolate oranges. Zoos usually create Yu-gi-oh fics focused on angst, parody, or the futuristic/supernatural, such as chapter 2 of "Paradise Kingdom", "The Happiness Machine", most of "XX09" and "Club 0013", and anything else labelled as a 'Zoo-fic'.
There have been several cases of successful Zoo friendships, mainly with species such as the Myst-Lady, Audacity, Atarashii, Melinda, Natural Chaos, Fiery Charizard, Rayemars, Sailor Comet, Lily22, and the Snare-chan. Eevee Muses also make great playmates for Zoos, and their sloppiness is greatly compensated when assisted by a Petite Hikari beta. Zoos can be divided into several sub-species: Chibi Zoo: Most encounters with Chibi Zoos (who enjoy hogging name rights) are quite catastrophic. These tenacious sub-species of Zoos act hyper and childish due to their low IQ. They can be identified by their tendency to address themselves in third person, as well as their Magical Girl-like behaviour. Chibi Zoos are reknown for writing fluff or humour fanfics, like in "Rever", "What its Really About" and "A Lotus for My Mistress". Hentai Zoo: A sub-species to be avoided at all cost. Argued the most dangerous of the three sub-species, they will profess an undying devotion to Pegasus (from the anime Yu-gi-oh) and will consistently try to immerse themselves in hentai fics. Hentai Zoos often write yaoi and shounen-ai fanfics, as seen in chapter 11 of "Club 0013", "Organic Lemons", and "Scarlet Fangs" (not listed below). Yami Zoo: A newly created subdivision that was, at first, indiscernable from regular Zoos. They are slightly more sadistic and sarcastic, taking an unnatural pleasure in writing bloody, gory fics in graphic detail. "XX09" Chapter 1, "How Do You Feel", and various chapters from "Club 0013" may explain Yami Zoos' natures in better detail. Outside of its usual habitat on , Zoo's may also be found on AIM and MSN. Keep in mind that the Zoo is an endangered species, and must be treated gently in order to preserve its flighty, somewhat whimsical nature. Possible behaviours for encountering Zoos include support, patience, and e-mails.
If you would like to learn more about the Zoo, please read her fanfics listed below. Since maintenance of Zoos are quite difficult, support through reviews is always appreciated. Zoo's New Fanart:
http:///chibizoo/yuugi_watercolour.jpg Random Musings: Feb 7, 2003 I remember a random quote from Stephen King which went roughly along the lines of: "Most people think I am a sadistic and twisted person but that is not the case. I assure you that I have the heart of an eight-year a jar." why didn't I put _that_ down for "The World Shall End in Five Days"? I curse my nearsightedness. Current Updates:
Feb 11, 2003 - An epiphany just came to me. I don't just write Zoo-fics for the fun of it, I write them as the real meaning to writing and everything else to lure my audience. Yes! The meaning of my life has become clear!!!! Oh, I'm tempted to write a Pegasus ficlet. XD. Beware! - Scarlet Fangs is still being edited. I have yet to get my completed XX09 Chapter 8 edited too...