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January 13, 2007

I get bored easily. What else is there to say? No worries, I'm like a boomerang.

December 9, 2005

My writing is mostly for my own personal amusement, and after a few years of starting things I hardly intended to finish but getting such nice feedback on them most of the things I posted became forced to some degree. (I would say Snowflakes, which I began writing when I was about 13,died somewhere around chapter 3... was partially revived around chapter 10 and then was murdered by my own hand between chapter 12 and 13). I'll admit most of my writing is pure nonsense, but at least some people found it amusing. One day perhaps I'll go back and attempt to fix everything or just take everything off completely, but that probably won't happen until I actually find the time to do so.

I would like to think I still get some pretty good ideas - I always write them down but I don't think I'll post again until I'm certain I can finish them.

So until that time I'll probably be beta-ing (that still shocks me... -_-; and I'm sure it shocks some of you as well, but I promise I'm a better reader than writer). Right now I'm beta-ing for TheInksinger with her story Rise of the Dawn - so go check it out (and take in the proof that I can put some effort into well... at least something)! It's absolutely, positively the most wonderful story currently (and it has slash/yaoi)!

You can find more nonsense by me at:

Another un-finished site for snowflakes --;;

Oh! And one other quick note - if you don't have the decency to sign in while criticizing me then what's the actually point of criticism? Un-signed flames will be deleted but all other flames are welcomed and will be thrown in the fire to keep me warm :). As I mentioned before - most of these were started when I was 13, and was therefore rather young and very naive,so I think it's acceptable to say that everyone grows up... eventually.

~~COMING SOON (when I find time anyway)~~

The Fallen- What happends when you don't belong in Heaven or Hell? The Fallen live among us, yet they do not live. Luke is stuck in a world where he has to choose between the strong ideals of his father, his twin's 'compassion' for him, and the Council strict and forbidden rules which could send him to Zaidiaz, a place far worse than hell, or...

But my BIG project right now is called Too Little Fish In The Sea. I plan to write it all out before I post it so that no one will have to wait... if they even read it. If anyone wants info on this one just email me or review (hint) and tell me so.

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