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The first thing to be said is that this is not just one author. IT'S THREE!!!!!!!! OH THE HUMANITY!!!! *cough* anyhoo, in reality, this is Malena, Tadariada, and SEEKER_2000.

Hey! I'm SEEKER-2000, one third of Define Normal! You may know me from my 'hit' story GONE! Peace, love, and Bob!!!

Howdy, this is Malena!!!! I wrote Harry Potter and the Dueling Master and it's sequel Children From the Order. *evil cackle*... I hope you like our stories.
Tadariada would say something here, but she hasn't yet.

The 3 members of Define Normal decided to do a story together! Yes! It is true! We want to take Tadariada's talent of writing akward situations, Malena's unique plots, and SEEKER_2000's sarcasim to put together the best durn story this site has ever seen! Or something like that...

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"I live in my own little world. But that's okay, they all know me here!"
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