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Organizer of the new self-help program for those of us who are reluctant to admit that we are Medjaiholics. Step forward if you can and raise your hand, loudly proclaiming to anyone who would listen, “Hello…I’m [blank] and a Medjaiholic. I’ve been Ardeth-less for one day, nine hours and twenty-two minutes. I’ve been able to ignore watching TMR on the pay-per view channels on cable TV and have managed not to cave into my insatiable desire to watch TM for the one millionth time. Oh wait, it’s coming on again this weekend… help!” LOL

I still love to read, still love to write despite my lengthy absence from here, and I still have some wicked ideas for future storylines. Ardeth should be afraid – very afraid indeed. I love my two dogs, love and live to garden, cook, but mostly I spend my spare time on the computer.

Personal Bio:

Are you really interested in this? ;-) Again still not much to tell, I’m still a pessimistic optimist but now eagerly cling to the dream that someday, I will be able to have a story published. All of my stories are still on my friend Ladybug’s website, if you’re still curious. ;-)

And now for the legal mumbo jumbo part of this and yeah, I think that this is important to know. If you get bored reading this and feel yourself starting to fall asleep, let me know and I can have my stable full of warriors’ come and wake you up. ;-)

So…please be advised that all of my fanfic is copyrighted. IE "Under Copyright Law, once a story is in permanent form (this includes on a web page) it is automatically copyrighted by the author, and use without the permission of the author is prohibited."

Essentially all of my original characters, their names, their history, et al are copyrighted and use of them is strictly forbidden unless approved first by me. I’m not able to churn out chapter after chapter of a fanfic, and I work long and hard on my stories, my characters et al and would hate to see their names, adventures or whatever appearing in someone else's fanfic. Please...don't copy or if you want to use an idea or borrow a character, let me know via email.

Peace and thanks for reading.

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Horrible at summaries but this is a snippet about how a woman may feel in the arms of a man...
Fiction: General - Rated: K+ - English - Fantasy/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 612 - Reviews: 9 - Published: 9/8/2002
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