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(Trix's PATH-ettique Former Message):

(HiLo eVerYone! I'm A nEwbie HerE so MaKe roOM! i JuSt WAnt tO sTate tHat I tRuLly LOVE wRitIng fAnficTion sTorIes..So ObvIouslY I eNjOY ReAdiNg uM tOo! I lOve wRiTtIng PokEmon sTuff, RanMa 1/2 sTufF and CardCaptEr sTufF (The SaMe gOes fOr rEadInG Um). I aLsO lIke wRitTiNg a bIt of My oWn OrigiNal sTorIes wIth ChaRacTers tHat aRe, yes, MaDe Up. So, cHecK uM oUt WheN yOu hAvE TiMe aND DoN'T foRgeT tO cOmMent oNce YoUr dOne..I aLwaYs lIke tHose...^.^ OkAy, C yAh!

- LittLe~triXta)

8 ^ 25 ^ 02

Oh gEEEEZE...I just read my former message and suddenly realized that this profile is in a SERIOUS need to be updated. WHY? Because. WHY?...Because. (Okay, to be honest I just can't stand to look at my "COOL" description, perfesionally formulated to have not only lower case letters...but CAPITAL letters...AND YES. IT'S TRUE. More then once in the same word! Aint' that special?

ANYWAY. I know Trix has about three or four stories that are in dangerous proximity to the "DISCONTINUED" edge of the cliff. But I really have absolutelly nothing popping into my mind that is even remotely interesting enough to type out on the cool sheets of 'computer' paper that comes up on my screen. So bare with me. Maybe. just MAYBE...something good will come out of the *trumpets play* "FAMILY SIZE" bag of Doritos and grape soda I have in front of me. Tempting..yes I KNOW...

ANYWAY. again. THANKS. (AGAIN) for all of the delicious reviews ( know there really isn't any way to refer to something not of the edible sort as 'delicious' without having it come out completely oakish. I just thought I'd try it. And now that I have. I will remind myself never to do it again.) I love them all so very much that I have put together a glass shrine full of all of the great reviews I've RECIEVED (my 7th grade english teacher told me "got" was a dead word, and now i can never get rid of her voice in my mind when i type it! *millions of cyber people who only exist in Trix's mind stare at her in silence*)in the corner of my bedroom.

Okay, that was a lie. But I love them despite.

OKAY...moving on. I better end it here. For the sake of all my fans who have dropped about 90% in proximity after reading this profile, and for the sake of my own sanity.

Thanks Again. I'll try to get something into my brain and work up a decent chapter four to FF. Goodbye. Au'Revoir! (learned that in french ^_^)
and Ta TA! (I'm off to go drink my grape soda now and bask in the joys of my "FAMILY SIZE" Doritos.)


2 ^ 11 ^ 03

Well, I FINALLY updated Fathomless Chapter 5 is up now. If you're familliar with is..Check it out puh-lees...and if you're not...Check out 1-4, THEN check out 5! OKE', well...I don't think I'll take that long with chapter six, because just getting past that chapter was a complete agony (but still all the more fun, since I got to mess around with Ash more! ^_^) But, Yep. I definately won't take as long as I did for chapter 5 (okay mroe so hopefully then definatelly, but we'll pretend that's not true, eh?) OKE'...well...I have to go now...Have fun...and Hope you all have a HAP-EE day.