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Okay so I thought I would update this profile a bit.

Reason for my penname: Well one of my favourite all time series is the Sword of truth series and in it, is the main heroine... Kahlan. I just loved the name and the spelling of it. Locknar... for all those older people like me would recognize it as the bad guy from the Heavy Metal movie... don't ask, it just came to me one day and it stuck. I've had this pen name for years now and its kind of grown on me.

My Muses: Well I have muses. I know it sounds really cliche but I will suddenly wake up one day and say... I have this really great idea for a story, I'll start writing and then it sits unfinished on my USB drive... which back in the day used to be a floppy! the stories I currently have posted on here are only a few of the ones I feel have potential to complete. Also, my muses don't always keep me writing and some of my stories, Truth being one, sometimes takes a while to update. I do open up the file some days and try and think of how to go on but then it doesn't come. so please... if I haven't updated in a while it's not that i've lost the story.. it's just not coming to me yet.

My Grammar & Spelling: Okay Okay, My grammar sucks and the stupid grammar thing on microsoft word really sucks with trying to help you. It offers words that don't even make sense, even to me. Sometimes too... I miss a mispelled word here and there or a put in a word that is actually spelt right but was the wrong word example: of instead of our. If I find the mistake I will usually try and fix it. UPDATE: yea... found a beta reader! Hopefully the mistakes will be fewer and fewer.

General information about me: I am 27 (as of Feb '10), Married for 2 years (as of May '10) and I am now a mom (as of Aug 24/09) to my Curious Monkey Matthew. I try and get on to write when the muse hits me or when the wee one is sleeping, which fortunately, coupled with my daily chores is not a heck of a lot of time, so have patience and you shall be rewarded.

I am a strong believer in "if you haven't got anything nice to say... then don't say anything at all." but I do believe in constructive criticism as long as it doesn't flame anyone.. that's just plain mean. I love seeing reviews on my stories even if you do rant about my characters being dim witted and not seeing what's in front of their faces... but that' just part of the reason to keep reading : D Actually the more reviews, alerts and favourite notifications I get, the more inclined I am to update.

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