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I have three Pokemon-obsessed kids, so that should explain my foray into Pokemon fanfic. Eldershipping is a dominant theme of most of my fics because my scientist husband is ten years older than I am -- guess you could say I'm living the Eldershipper experience myself, LOL. But since I'm one of the few 30+ authors out there, you may also want to apply the "Elder" tag to me, too...LOL. And Ilex = Holly = my real name...grab a botany book and you'll see what I mean!

Although Eldershipping is a favorite theme of mine, many of my fics also touch on other 'ships. (Pokeshipping, Rocketshipping, Diamondshipping, etc.) You'll also notice that in many of my fics I make several references to Oak doctoring Pokemon; hey, I had to put the three years I suffered in vet school to good use somehow!

In case you're looking for some of my missing fics -- In order to comply with 's latest guidelines, "Bathtime", "The Naughty Professor", "Who's Yo' Master", and "Professor Oak's Top Ten Excuses" have been removed. They can now be found exclusively at Glorious Revolution, which can be found at the following URL:


UPCOMING STORIES! -- Watch for these in the near future.

Double Trouble - Team Rocket kidnaps Professor Oak, but will anyone notice that something's wrong? Inspired by the imposter Oak episode.

Sibling Rivalry - My first Yu-Gi-Oh fic! Joey learns the reason why his mother left and how it involves Serenity's parentage.

Bound By Silence - The aftermath of Brock's experience on Valencia Island. (Yeah, I know it's been done before, but I wanted to have a crack at it.)