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I have made the decision to no longer post anything at . They just suspended me again for a week for my Hidden Beneath fic. The scene they suspended me for was no where near NC-17. They certainly can't tell the difference between R and NC-17. I'm also going to pull all my fics from . I just hope I can still count on your reviews here at the my yahoogroup since that will be the only source for reviews for me.

People over at this site http:/// don't seem to review either, and I don't know how reviews work over at http:///authors.shtml and I have yet to submit anything there as of yet.

If you have any question go ahead and ask.

Ryoko Blue

First of all my name is Ryoko Blue and I love to write, (now don't laugh but I'm a 25 year old fan of HP). I'm a struggling Romance Author, I'm trying as of now to publish my first book. Yes people totally hot love scenes are always involved in anything I write. I just can't help it I think physical love is just as important as emotional love Tee hee (I'm such a sap.) But I love to write practically anything, I love reading HP fan fiction So I decided to write some and so far it's been really fun.

I'm mainly an H/Hr shipper but I also crave a little O/Hr, but anything else is just wrong. I do pair H/H with other people from time to time, only to show each other what the other is missing and then they fall in love with each other. *snigger* And well I only pair Ginny with Draco to get her out of the way of H/Hr, I really can't stand Ginny GRRR! She's horrible. well I hope you all enjoy my fics and I hope to hear from a lot of you. and please be honest, just don't flame me because that doesn't help. Well you could flame me if you want but it won't make me change anything, so you'd just be wasting space. ;) But I don't mind helpful criticism it will help me to be a better writer in the future. :-)

Soul Scepter is just book one of my 4 set series. The series will continue with.

Amulet of Torna-- Takes place during the summer after sixth year. Harry and Hermione go to Rome for a well deserved vacation and to visit Hermione's cousin Amelia. Harry and Hermione somehow get thrown back in time to ancient Rome. Slavery and Gladiators are just samples of the dangers ancient Rome has in store for them. Will they ever get back to their own time or has Voldermort finally succeeded in his plan to kill Harry Potter?

Dark Secrets-- Takes place during seventh year, there's a dark secret within the Granger family, it's up to Harry and Co. to discover what that secret is, it could possibly drive a wedge between the friendships or lead to the fall of Voldermort forever.

Brave New World,Or Is It?-- After graduating from Hogwarts Harry and Co. try find their places in the world. They all are having doubts about their relationships. Break ups and new romances abound along with the hint of a new evil the trio will be thrown back together to try and defeat it.

Now other than my Soul Series I do have other fics to. All HP of course.

I'm also a big fan of Anime, in case you haven't noticed. My favorite Animes include

All the Tenchi Sagas except Tenchi in Tokoyo. Sakuya must die I hate her so much. (Ginny reminds me so much of Sakuya trying to get in the way of Harry and Hermione's love) she almost stole Tenchi from Ryoko.
Tenchi Universe is my fave of the Saga's though. Dimension of love is the coolest song and
Ryo-ohki is soooo cute, that cute litte cabbot, rabbit/cat for those who aren't familair with her.

Sailormoon is a good one too, not the Cartoon Network butcherd version of course.
Outlaw Star is simply smashing good fun. I even have action figures from Outlaw Star.
Ah,My Goddess is really good.
Escoflowne is wonderful
Records of Lodoss War is outstanding
Bubblegum Crisis rocks
Card Captors are just so cute.
Tekken- yes it's an anime as well as a playstation game is totally neat
Ranma is so funny.

Oh there are just so many Animes it's hard to say which one is the best.

And No I'm not a guy, someone thought I was a guy. NO way!!! Ryoko is a Japanese girls name besides an Anime character. there's a lot of famous japanese actresses with the name Ryoko. Geeze people I can't believe someone thought I was a guy. Humph :D:D
Feel free to email me or talk with me on AOL anytime :-)

And please visit this yahoogroup it's totally fun.


and this is my own personal yahoogroup incase ever goes down. I will be putting all my fics here, Anyone can put fics here too.