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So I thought it was about time to update this thing.

I'm still a girl from Canada. And I have a flame-eating, e-mail munching, tree-killing beaver (who hasn't had anything to chew recently - which is good ^-^ I'm keeping him happy with the good reviews).

My favorite Anime of the moment is DragonballZ, anything with Gohan (drool), and Videl (who is perfect for said hunk of demi-saiyan). Other than that, I like most of the other characters, even Mr. Satan [but only when he's being given what's coming to him ;)].

Any of the "family-type" anime (that I've been able to come up with on my Canadian cable channels) are good: YuGiOh, Digimon, Pokemon etc., as long as it doesn't have singing purple bears, or Teletubbies (that may be a Canadian show... just imagine four different-coloured Barney's with a vocabulary of "goo" and "gaa", it's _really, really_ boring).

That's all for now folks!