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Hello! Why do you care about me? Ah I probley reviewed one of your stories that how all notice me -;.-; sob. Well not really :P Don't really care if you review or not but hey, it'd be nice! I like pok'emon, Harry Potter, and many other things most people hate ;P Shippings, I'm not a hardcore shipper (i.o. I don't care about who and who more the plot line and such). I like Gary a lot he's a cool charater. In my oppion he gains a brain after the orange island eps. *Gary saves everyone* Ash: Well...I won a trophey so hah! Gary: Uhh but that didn't help you beat team rockett now did it?- He stopped acting like an idiot. But I like Gary!Baka too. ;) In the H.P. aspect of things I like Slytherans because they have more depth in my oppion. I have a fanfic and a half in progress so to speak. And blah email if you get bored I'll bring up insane topics, like flaming weasels, what I have against orange cults, and why bongo drums are a no-no at parties. I'm only twice as insane as you think I am! I mean err half!
Looking back
Don't know why I uploaded. Anyway I wanted to get out some of my thoughts on a past friendship of mind, sorry if it's murky. I just kinda spit it out without double checking.
Poetry: General - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 290 - Published: 1/17/2003