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This is our profile! It's the most special profile ever actually. Isn't that nice.

Anyway, we're Emilee and Anna, AKA: Howard and PortaPotty. The nicknames are what we call ourselves. For instance:

Emilee- Yah, yesterday, I ran into a tellephone poll with the precious. (her VW beetle, btw)

Anna- NO! Really?

Emilee- Yes really. And I said to myself,Howard, you really need to stop running into telly poles.


See? What did I tell you? Anyway. Emilee and Anna are both 15, both females (though Howard is misleading) and both love Lord of the Rings.

That's why we write fanfiction! Drr!!

Our e-mail and AIM screenname will reach either Emilee or both Emilee and Anna (if Anna is over at Emilee's house, which is most definately possible at all hours of the day/night)

So send us something!

Oh yah! We just finished working on our new website! It's very interesting. The link is up there somewhere. Check it out, it's odd. Yet wise...

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Works In Progress:
Once In A Thousand Years Ch. 5
Emilee And Anna Invade M.E. Ch. 3 & 4
The Guide to Dating In The Shire
Ch. 2