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[About me]

I primarily write Gundam Wing fics. 1x2/2x1 is my favourite, but I like a smattering of nearly every Yaoi, Het and Yuri pairing. ^_^

Besides writing, I draw an awful lot too. So if you'd like to see my fanart, just hop on over to my website. ^_^ If you want to stalk me and see me drone on about all sorts of crap fandom and otherwise, you're welcome to read my LJ at http://

[About my fanworks]

If you'd like to be notified of when I post new fics or artwork on my website (fics are mirrored here usually on the same day). I have a mailing list you can join at http:///group/pondml

Because my NC-17 fics can no longer be posted here, if you'd like to read any of my adult only fiction, please visit my site, or one of the following archives:

Shinigami & Wing - http://
Aenai Ai - http://

Comments, criticism, challenges, or random email are always welcome. ^_^