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Mwahahaha! I am the demon princess, Takui! Here's a brief (ok, maybe not so brief...) run-down of my two selves (Takui and Kurai) and their loyal demon muses. (you can learn more in my fic Profile of a Demon...tho, it's mostly about their pasts)

Age: 870 years
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 155 lbs
Eyes: blood red, slitted pupils (think snake..)
Hair: long, black with platinum streaks
Favorite weapon: Murasame katana, the sister sword to the Masamune.
Info: Facinated by the power of death. Not of pure demon blood; is half demon, half vampire. Short-tempered, quick to show force. Not one to show emotion to anyone, except maybe Sephiroth, Ghaleon, or Legato, because they are almost always together. A master of elemental magic (favorite being lightning and fire), but has imbued most of her magic power into her sword. Hates being outside in sunlight, but will if it's neccessary. Sub-immortal, the only ways she can be killed is a secret kept by her. Often changes some of her shape (growing talons, longer fangs..)when angry, hungry, or fighting. Her true demon form is kept hidden, for even she fears its strength and difficulty to control. When she is driven to that extreme, her form changes to a serpentine creature, silver, with black wings, atomic flames, and acid venom. In her entire life, she has only reverted to this form about 20 times, perhaps even less. If she is badly wounded, she may drink the blood of a human slave, or of Sephiroth or Legato themselves (with their permission), to heal herself.

Tkarr (Takui's demon muse/pet)
Age: about 700 years
Size: slightly taller than a 3 story building
Weight: 5 tons
Wingspan: 60 feet
Info: A demon raised by Takui, is very loyal to her and will follow orders without question. Has a somewhat humanoid head, long neck, and one leg, ending in three 10ft long talons. Follows orders given by Sephiroth as readily and loyally as those given by Takui. Enemies not impaled on his claws are usually roasted by the green acid flames he breathes.

Fei-Oh (Takui's other demon muse/pet)
Age: around 500 years
Size: approx. 85 feet from nose to tail
Weight: approx. 25 tons
Wingspan: (10 wings) wingspan of largest pair: approx. 90 feet
Info: a demon serpent with 10 wings, and 7 eyes. It has no legs, and can reach speeds in the air of more than 500 mph. Its 6 main eyes are on either side of its long, rectangular head (3 per side) and the 7th is in its lower jaw. This eye is used for seeing in infrared and aiming spells and flames at enemies. Is extremely loyal to his master, willingly following out any order. Its segmented body is heavily armored, including a bony plate over its large 7th eye. Destructive capacity is incredible, especially with its acidic blood. Fei-Oh and other demons like him are often seen circling above and around Takui's palace. Fei-Oh himself usually coils his body around the palace's foundation when sleeping, blocking all entrances. His main attacking weapons are his massive and powerful jaws, spiked tail, and fire-breath. A canon in his back fires plasma energy beams that destroy anything and everything in their paths. Kurai
Age: 475 years
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eyes: color changes with mood (red:angry, gray:sad, blue:content/happy, green:mischeivious, yellow:normal, white:nervous, and black:upset in the extreme)
Hair: platinum with red streaks
Favorite weapon: Energy Whip (also uses the infamous Cat o' Nine Tails - a nine-ended whip, each tip having a spike or blade attached)
Info: Playfull, tho "play" can mean different things. Light frame, which allows her amazing speed and agility. Her talons and fangs give her a vampire/beast appearance. She is referred to by the human slaves as the "half-beast" because of her appearance: bluish skin with red stripes/symbols all across. Reddish-black fur rings her wrists and ankles, around her neck and chest, and hips. She has a long, reptilian tail that ends in a tuft of fur around the last foot or so, which conceals several poison barbs. Her use of attack and transformation magic stems from the short, crystal horn in her forehead, which grows to about 3-5 feet in battle. If the horn is broken, it has the potential to end her life, though it's unlikely if it can be repaired or reattached. Has small, bat-like wings that grow huge when she takes flight. When she becomes extremely angry, she goes into a frenzy, transforming into her much larger beast form, and her strength increases to the point where she can topple a skyscraper with a single punch. Times like these, even Cerberus and Tkarr cower in fear. Her destructive power is incredible, tho she submits to her sister's greater strength without argument. Very easily excited, but most easily driven to these fenzies when extremely angry, or when she has smelled and/or tasted fresh blood. When this happens, it's best to take shelter underground; anything standing will most likely be destroyed. (Beast form description: about 20 feet tall, and 30 feet long; huge, dragon-like wings, reptillian head, thick red-violet fur covering body, wolf-like tail and ears, horn grows to about 6 ft in length; no fur on face, but thick white mane around neck. Huge fangs, and a long forked tongue.)

Cerberus (Kurai's demon muse/pet)
Age: about 380 years
Size: roughly the height of 2-3 tanks stacked one on top of the other; length from center head to tail: 45ft
Weight: 3 tons
Info: Raised by Kurai. Loyally follows her commands, but loves his master so greatly, that he will protect her at any cost. All movement is controlled by the center head, magic by the left, and breath attacks by the right. Humans fear it nearly as much as Kurai herself. Often gets into fights with Tkarr...usually loses.

Tiamat (Kurai's other demon muse/pet)
Age: about 400 years
Size: 60 feet from nose to tail; stands about 40 feet tall.
Weight: approx. 2 tons
Wingspan: approx. 50 feet
Info: A dragon-like demon recently brought into Kurai's care. Follows commands without hesitation, despite being in Kurai's company for only a few years. Dark black-blue scales, with an iridescent hue. Wings are thick and heavy, but allow for flight speeds of up to 150-200mph. Forearms are short, so she usually relies on her tail, talons, and flames to get the job done. Specialty is hunting by night, as her dark colors make her nearly invisible. Electric bolts fired from between her 3 huge horns cause severe damage, especially when combined with her deadly flames. The combination can cause temperatures high enough to melt steel like butter. A force to be reckoned with, but isn't without a weakness. Almost exclusively nocturnal, won't follow orders in daylight unless the reward is worth her while. Konnichiwa!!
I'm just an average, crazy author. Yes, I'm actually one person, even though my penname has two. Those are my fictional characters. I plan on creating/using more of my freakish characters, so watch out for them. I'd have to say my fave authors so far are: Pendragon, Zage, Ender, Andreah, Kinneas, Crazy Insane Girl, and Shenrezade. I'm a big fan of anime and RPGs, so expect some fics from just about all ends of the spectrum.
P.S.~ chapters 2 & 3of P.o.D. are STILL in progress, as is chapter 4 of Critters(NOTE: I've been uninspired with Critters for a while...if anyone wants me to continue it, let me know in an e-mail or a review). Just thought I'd mention that! I'm also working on ch.5&6 of Insanity Rules. Now that school has started, I may be a little behind in my fanfic production. But I'll try to post new chapters and stories ASAP! ^_^

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