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Bio: I'm your average ditzy girl who's into Romance, The Mummy, DBZ, Alias, action/adventure, and Zelda...*sigh* I shall never change my bio! HAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

4/14/05-Yup a whole nother year...And Nothing...Oooo look at the laziness that has come to pass...Oh well hope to update soon...maybe

12/12/04- Wow...I'm lazy...oh maybe uninterested(is that a word?)...I haven't updated in two years...acctually over two years...creepy...scary...weird...everything is so different...hmmm...well mi amigo DemonHunter is bugging me about uploading my of the many...and I am almost there!!! OKay not really...but a little...yuppers...OKay well I should stop typing and start writting meanful sentences.BYE!

11/29/02: I know I haven't updated in like forever BUT I HAVE FINISHED CAPTER 5! Cool huh? I got Student Council happy happy! I will hopefully get another chapter up of TLBZ up in a few days I hope. Nothing new besides that I think. Hoped ya'll had a great Thanksgiving!

9/6/02 I'm RUNNING FOR STUDENT COUNCIL! It will really help my polotical carrer in the future. The only problem is that I need to make a campain poster and I can't think of a slogan to put on it. PLEASE HELP ME by telling me your suggesstion in a review! PLEASE HELP ME I REALY need your help!

9/5/02 HELLO! I'm sorry for not updated in awhile but I've been reading so many G/V fics and going tubeing/kneeboarding. I hope to have chapter 4 of " The Lines Between Zelda" and a new Zelda story out. *Strange I always seem to updated stories during school*

~New Stories on the Way~

Project Angel

Chapter One

Percent Done: 0!!

Summary: May once been a child who had a family, love, happiness, and security. Once. It was over when everything she had known was destroyed is turned into a cold, withdrawn teen. Nicholas is the child of the multi billionare's, Hyram and Lily Writurn. Known as a coy, cheerful, and hot, woman are forever swooning at his name, needless to say, Nick has no trouble finding a date on Saturday night. When The Writurn's discover they are the were made, by May's parents, her legal gaurdians, she comes to live with them, which includes Nick. After their first encounter with eachother, Nick has conviced himself to reveal May's cold facade, and uncover the ghosts that seem to haunt her.

Comments: Yeah...just as a disclaimer...the Writurn characters don't belong to me, but to a friend of mine...hehehe...

Although the Sun Rises

Chapter One

Percent Done:99

Summary: A story of a world who is perpetually toremented by the "Asesino" (in other words the assassin, but I don't wana call it that...cause I think it sounds wack^^) who's only weakness is the knowledge of one girl (or my main character, Aldyia^^).

Comments: Okay I have the whole first chapter done, but I am still you all won't laugh at my grammer

The Lines Between Zelda
Chapter Five
Precent Done:0
Summary: WHO IN THE WORLD IS LINKA RELATED TO! I HAVE NO IDEA, but I will once you read this. Also what ever happened to Ruto?
Comments: I don't believe I will ever start this up again seeing I wrote it all three years ago...hehehehe

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-ON HIATUS- A re-telling of Cinderella with a twist. The young maiden is a thief, the fairy godmother is human, the ball was not meant to find a wife, and the prince she supposedly marries is far from charming.
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