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After my computer blew a fuse or something and deleted all my files, I have been in somewhat of a depression. I had lost the thrill writing had given me for all my years at FF.N. I have discovered a back-up copy of a lot of my files, and it's given me some push to start again.

So, as AC Ishida already knows, I have five main goals now that I'm back:

1. Check E-Mail at least once a week!!!
2. Meet new people and reacquaint myself with the old!
3. Come up with more stories, better and more entertaining!
4. Edit and rewrite existing stories so to make them better!
5. I forget... AC, what was it?

Anyways, now that I'm back, you can expect to see a lot of old stories revamped and the starts of new ones. I hope people will e-mail me with comments, reviews, questions... or maybe just because you want to talk and have a conversation.

So... ahem. Fics forever! Down with physics! Ban the obnoxious section leader from band for eternity!! (I still dislike her immensely, if you haven't noticed. She switched to oboe but... of course, she still can't play it.)

Thanks to everyone who supported me before the disaster and to those who are willing to take me back (whoever you are).


PS- Anybody like Shakespeare? Even if its only "Romeo and Juliet"? I'm one of those people... any others out there?


I have just uploaded a Daiyako called "Invisible Man", my first fic back!