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Hello everyone! My name is Relena Peace. I'm currently 17 years of age and a lover of reading and writing. ^_^" I am a senior in high school and loving it. I'm also single-ish at the moment (dont ask about the "ish" long story). :thinks: Anywayzzz...I write mainly Gundam Wing Fanfiction, and a little poetry when inspired. I hope you all read and review my stuff. It'd mean a lot to me. Well, I'll keep you posted on updates! Later~

Relena Peace

Just to tell you though, if you review a story of mine you have a 90% chance of me going to your stuff and reviewing it too. ^_~" I believe in spreading the joy of recieveing reviews!

Oh...And if anyone ever wants to contact me or something (yeah right) my MSN Screen name is BubblesRelena, same with my yahoo name. ^_~" TTFN!! IM me! Really, I want to hear from you! I think it's great when I can chat with a fellow writer and/or reader!




Hey, it was the first day of school for me! :tries not to have an excited heart attack: It's my senior year. So I am completely pumped about it. ^.^" I have some great classes this year (Creative Writing, Photography, T.A. for the finance office, and Government/Econ). Okay, the last one isn't that great, but the teacher is cool (it's a required class). ^.^" I should have six periods like the rest of the school but I dont. Not yet. ^.^" heh.

Anyway, I came here to type this to tell you all about some things that will be going on. Because I am taking a Creative Writing class to help me in the field of writing with stories and poetry you'll all benefit from it. All of the things that I deem worthy to put up here that develop from that class (which might be quite a few things) I will post here. ^.^" I already put a smilar announcment on my other "buliton board" on saying that my poetry from that class and some of my stories from the class will be posted here. ^.^"

If you're one of my fans who follow not only my poetry but also my Ficcies (Gundam Wing peoples!) I will be sad to tell you that I wont be constantly updating like I would wish to. But three out of four of my classes are heavy-homework classes. Which means that the only posting that will happen will be the ones from Creative Writing and if I (by a miracle) find time to write another chapter for a ficcie at FFN. Another drawback to things starting is I'll be getting a job (hopefully) in a few weeks or so. That'll take up whatever remaining time that I may (or may NOT) have. ^^;; So I'm going to be pressured this year.

ANNOUNCMENT! ~Okay, my main announcment is for my web page. It says "Gundam/ficworld" on the addy. But even though I'm not changing the addy I am changing the contents of the site. It will now be mainly a poetry site, with ficcies on the side. ^.^" It'll always ( and I mean ALWAYS) be under construction. My poems will be there including my brothers, and a few of my friends. When I get it organized and everything I'll be filtering through spacific poets that I deem worthy enough and asking them to submit pieces so I can too post them there. ^.^" Trust me, I have to really LIKE your poem for it to be there! (unless of course you're my best friend like CeCe. Then whatever you want to post there will be accepted). What can I say?! I've known the chick since diaper days! ^_~" Well, I think that's all for now. Please read my poems (preferably the ones with the least reviews) and review them! I'd appreciate it so very much!

~Relena Peace Just to say something...

Stuff that are looking really lonely:

Water's Dance (I know the summery is lame and personally I'm not too hip on nature poems myself. But I LOVED writing this one, and I'm getting more into a free-verse style). Please read and review folks.

The Black Bird's Hunt (okay, even the name sounds lame. Heh, but if you look at it from a poetic point of view it's a fairly well writtne poem. Neh?) well, please read and review anyway. It's greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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