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Welcome mates, friends, enemies, lunatics and all others.
I'm glad someone takes the time to read this, even though I'll probably end up boring you. ^_^ I assume that since you're here, you want to know a bit 'bout me? Um, I like tea. *looks around* Does anybody else out there care for some oolong or chrysanthemum tea?
I support all pairings, by the way, though I tend to read stories that involve either D/G or D/Hr. Go look at my "favorite authors" for recommendations. Slash is fine, too. I might even get around to writing a D/H, someday.
As for books (hey, this is a site dedicated to literature) I don't have many favorite authors. I'll read anything and everything you throw at me. And since I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on books every month, I go to to read good stories for free. Good bargain, I think.
That's 'bout it. I also like Starbucks, pillows, the color black, and Mandarin pop (Leo Ku!!!). If you have any questions, comments, criticism (*cringes*), or just want to talk about the weather, drop me a line. I always answer all my e-mails. Thanks for reading.