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No matter what you try to hide from us, we're bound to find it sometime. No one can keep knowledge from spreading!

We yearn to know...

...about so many different things.

Not just about the earth.

We are free.

From now on, we will judge for ourselves the validity of what we learn.

--Tomato, Cowboy Bebop manga #3, "What's Your Number"

I'm just a 15-year-old wandering angstful romantic, I swear it! =D

I don't watch much anime, but I absolutely adore anything Cowboy Bebop or Final Fantasy. Um, I swim and play water polo and play video games and write...that's about it. ^^;

Just so you know -- school's kicking my ass lately, so if you don't see updates as often as you (or I) would like, don't worry, I haven't died.

http:/// --Writer's Fest * Th' Lady Shadow
http:///~shaddeh -- My embarrassing livejournal :D

Here are a few other places my stories have been graciously accepted:

http:// - "Remembrance"
http:// - "Remembrance," "Always," "Beautiful," and "Promise."
http:/// - "Afterthought," "Remembrance," "Always," and DCT. :D She's a wee bit slow in updating, only the first chapters are up.
http:/// (Under the name 'Shaddeh') - "Remembrance," "Always," "Reminisce," "semper fi," and DCT.
http:/// (Under the name 'Shaddeh') - Er, once they come back up, I'll post stuff. n_n
http:/// - "semper fi," DCT.
http:/// - "Song to the Stars." (not yet up)