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Hey hey. Funkiechick here. I'm an aspiring Bohemian artist who's very opinionated who has an obsession with eggs on toast. I don't eat meat tho. MEAT INDUSTRY IS DISGUSTING. Read 'Fast Food Nation' and YOU'LL be a vegetarian too. However my best friend will inform you I ate meat while on vacation with her. I'm very dissapointed in myself. So is she.

Stuff I write:

Harry Potter
A Knight's Tale
The Mighty Ducks

However, I also play a shit load of video games:

FF7-10 (7 and 9 being my personal Final Fantasy favorites)
Grand Theft Auto III
Shadow Hearts
Tekken 1-3 (3!!! HWAORANG!!!)
Lunar 1-2 (I liked 2 the best, despite the animation in 1 being a lot better. Maybe Working Designs just said 'screw it' and decided to draw some scenes with their eyes closed in 2. Oh well. Mmmm, Nall.)
Chrono Cross
Resident Evil 3
Tomb Raider
Crash Bandicoot
Warcraft II

I'm currently playing Suikoden III because i'm taking a break from Kingdom Hearts.

I'll shut up now. But expect to see a bunch of ff7 fics, a few Lunars and a few FF9.


A few Harry Potter fics, mainly a Draco one that I just can't seem to get right.

Working on the next parts of Breaking Hazel- REVIEWS PEOPLE.

I Rent is on thought plot, but I'll still get it going sooner or later. Probably later, but I don't start something I don't intend to finish.

What I hope to start:

A Reno/Tifa/Cloud fic-Blackbird is on hiatus.
An Aeris fic-havn't started
A Nall/Ruby-havn't started

In the works:

A Ron and Hermione long one shot that is very funny and almost done if I wasn't so lazy but I like being lazy and can you really stop me? I thought not.-still lazy

Anyway. I'm done ranting now. Hope you all like my fics enough to REVIEW MORE.

'Hey. Artist. Yooouuu gotta doller? Heh. I thought not.'

SLAM!!! 'And i'm KEEPING the JEWLERY!'
-Niles (Fraiser)

'Love is stupid. I quit.'
-A good friend of mine.

'Me fail english!? That's umpossible!'
-Ralph Wiggum.

Flanders: Homer! Meet Jose Flanders.
Jose Flanders: Buenos ding dong didilee dias senior.
-The Simpsons.

Lunchlady Doris, have ya got an GREASE?

I also recomend watching the censored version of The Breakfast Club. You havn't lived until you hear Judd Nelson say: Eat. My. Socks.