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Aaaaaah! Run! It's another slash-crazed female!

Er, yes. Hi! This is the almighty Psychodelic Barfly speaking—typing (as if you didn't already know that . . . :cough:). I am an avid fanfic reader, and wannabe fanfic writer—I have dozens of stories actively in the works, a few submitted, and tons more still swirling around in my brain waiting for release, but alas, since I am my own toughest critic, it takes a while to tweak my fics to perfection. I adore Harry Potter, both the books and the films. Radcliffe and Felton are adorable, and should hook up in RL. Harry/Draco is my OTP. My Snape poster is leering at me . . . uh, anywho. I am also a cartoon addict: I love(d) X-Men: Evolution, and had been focusing primarily on reading and writing that series as of late, but I also enjoy many other things . . . that I can't rightly recall at this time. O_o;

Ahh—the sweet, succulent essence of slash! Gotta jive with it! They don’t call me the Mad Slasher for nothing . . . Oh yeah, you know you want me, baby. .O

And, if you feel the need to email or contact me, I'm (most likely) gonna answer you in one of three ways:
1. By saying "Person, that is an excellent question/comment/concern, and here's the answer."
2. I might be like "Person, that is an excellent question/comment/concern, and it will be discussed in chapter whatever."
3. I could say, "Person, if I explained that to you, you would have head-explody!" meaning no one really understands it (aka major plot hole!). 'Kay? Okay. Or if I don't reply, it probably means I got a bunch of emails about it and I'm gonna put it in the Author's Notes in the next chappy as clarification for everyone. Sooo . . . don't be miffed about non-replies! I could have tons (note I did say "could") and I have limited time! Psycho B does her very best! (Considering some people think I need to be their full-time beta-bitch . . . you know who you are! :grumbles: Ungrateful little punks . . .)

NEW(ish)! Ooooh, linkage . . . :wiggles fingers in quasi-mysterious way:

My site: (Tis nifty. Indeed. . . . It's also EvoSlash-centric. Go here. Go here now . . .)


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And . . . my LiveJournal! (Pretty much the same, right down to the colors and layouts. .)


Hey, chances are, if you're looking at this page, I interest you a little. :shrugs: It happens. So enjoy the nifty linkage. Yessss.

The Psychodelic Barfly XOXO


Ahh . . . #^_^# Okay—I also write under several other pennames, all joint with my slashy Evo brethren. DrWorm and Lady E fics come straight from our RPGs, which I love dearly and have become horribly, terribly addicted to. Because I love them both. :pets Lala and Lady: :D

To see my work with a particular author, jussst click the linkie. Terrifying in its simplicity, isn't it?

PB & DrWorm:

PB & Lady Eternal:

PB & DarkFire:

Okay! So, read on! :D :pets all you nice readery-type people:

New Note: My Harry/Draco HP fic Simple Love With A Complex Touch can be found here:


Drat for booting it only hours after I posted. *hiss!* Drat them, I say! *smites* But it had so very many hits in that short time that I felt the need to post it elsewhere as well, places such as:

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. . . Aaaand that's about it so far. *smites s'more*