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Hi, my name is Glenfinnan Girlie, and a lot has changed in the ten years (that many!!) since I started reading fanfiction and original fiction on the original website, Since then I have written various stories but never actually finished one. This I am really ashamed of and guilty, because I have let my reviewers down. This is exactly the same deal on I am now 21 and at a crossroads in my life where I'm not quite sure what to do. I know what I want but I don't know how to get to it exactly.

I have decided that, while I have the free time during this crossroads situation, I will take down my chapters of my previous stories (the ones listed ON HIATUS), update them, correct them and maybe change some minor details, perhaps along with some major ones. I'm not sure where this will take me, but I've had new inspiration for a few of them.

I have a few other stories on my other account here on fictionpress. It's called I call myself A Different Kind of Yellow also, because at one time I'd forgotten the password to my original account, so I made up a new one. And I just can't be bothered to swap all the stories onto one account. The name is because at school my friends called me Yellow. You can ask if you like, but it has nothing to do with appearances or personality. A mystery, eh? :) Plus on this account, I'm Glenfinnan Girlie. One because I am a girl (wow, surprised?); Two because I come from a small village in the Scottish Highlands called Glenfinnan. Yes, I am fiercly proud of where I am from.

I love reading the Historical and Romance sections on here, with some Romance and Action/Adventure stories as well but mostly if they have romance in them. I rather like reading fantasy as well. On fanfiction, it's usually Harry Potter (I love Hermione/Draco romances), Dr Who (David Tennant as Dr Who is very very good, gorgeous, funny and Scottish - what more could you want?), Roswell (I liked it when it first came on tv in 1999, but it's only just made a comeback on British tv), Alias (over but I have done the all 5 season marathon), Gilmore Girls (new obsession, but I've seen all of seasons 1-4 and bits of the last season. Why couldn't they just stick with Rory and Jess!!) and whatever tv show/film I'm into at that time. Just look at my favourites list for a selection of really good stories.

A little about me (as this is my bio):

My real name is Kirsty, I'm 21 and have just finished a course (I did pass, but don't graduate until next November) which I absolutely hated in the end (too technical for me, although the creative side was ace). I did that for three years at a University in Paisley, which is just outside Glasgow (Scotland). After I finished, I was offered a job teaching Spanish kids TEFL and it was supposed to last until at least December. But it didn't work out, so currently I am staying at my Dad's in southern Portugal until Hogmanay (New Year's Eve).

When I get back to Scotland, I'm hoping to apply for an NQ in childcare and early education. That's what my heart is finally set on. Only I need money first, so I'll probably try to have a job along side that. I'm really aiming for a PGCE in Primary Education, But I'm going to apply for that course in 2009 for when it begins in 2010. That's my next dream anyway. By this method, I'll hopefully be a fully qualified Primary School teacher (ages 5-12) by the time I'm 25. Yay!

So to anyone reading this, I have approx a month while I still have constant contact with a computer, so I will try make a start on some of these old stories of mine. I'm quite excited at the prospect.

I like all forms of reviews, and as long as it's constructive critisicm, then I don't mind it. I'm also changing my review tactics, well trying, by turning off anonymous reviews! One thing I absolutely cannot stand in other people's stories is bad grammar. We were all taught it, so there's no excuse for it!!

One last thing... Fictionpress is also a good way of meeting people. A few years ago, I really loved this story called The Outcast by Winter's Shadow (still posted up, so go take a look!). Classic storyline. The page set-up is a bit off but copy and paste it into word and you'll do fine! The reason I'm mentioning Winter's Shadow is that we ended up sending emails back and forth and Leena Maya, the excellent writer that she is, has now been my penpal for about 4-5 years. And she's totally ace!


MSN: Kirstills

FACEBOOK: Listed under Kirsty L. Powell

BEBO: scotchick87


Please Read and then Review my stories if you have time, it really means a lot to me. Also, R & R the stories from my favourite stories list as well - as this will show I have some taste! Yay! :D

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