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*scrubs board clean with brush, then clears throat*
Ore wa Sagara Sanosuke. I like Fushigi Yuugi.
*receives glares from the visitors and maker of Nurivangelism*
Fine. I'm 14, an onna (yes, I AM a girl, buster.), an anime, wait, I'll fix that. I'm a Rurouni Kenshin and Fushigi Yuugi maniac, and a bit of Ranma 1/2. I like dried fish strips. *nod* And I'm bi. So...yeah. Anyone got a problem?
I'm a proud member of the Knights Of The Willow And Star, as well as Okama Fanfiction, a mailing list for GLBT fanfic authors and their supporters ^_^

Current Works In Progress:
Another Fushigi Yuugi Choose Your Own Adventure!: Man, I gotta change that title. It's a pain in the behind to type it out. ^^ Chapter 9 is in progress, and should be out before 2003.
All The Difference: On hold for an indefinite time. I dunno: if I see a review I'll continue it. ^^
The Prince and The Pauper: Still debating on whether I should turn it into a 1st-person POV or not. Plot's all set, just need to decide...

Finished Works: Our Sano and Megumis, my first (and probably only) oneshot. I'm quite proud of it. Still needs a bit of tweaking here and there, though.

Coming Up:
A reincarnation fic, my second major FY project after CYOA. Features some strange additions/changes in a bid to break away from the stereotypical high-school reincarnation fic. Not that they're bad (Mouse-chan!! Kimi wa doko?!) but there're just too many ^^ First chapter in typing.
A fantasy fic, my third major FY project ^_^ Still in planning.

So that's all. Go on, read. *nudge*