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So here I am, Riana Rogue, struggling author who is attempting to find her voice. I blundered into writing thanks to those lovely spelling stories we were supposed to write in elementary school, and I started a mystery story series from it. Followed by a horrible first "novel" in sixth grade and slightly less horrible novel attempts after that, and I quickly became infatuated with the written word. I was struck with a monumental case of writer's block after writing Dragon Heart: A New Hope at the end of the summer before my freshman year. It never lifted until earlier this year withDoor #5and I'm going to be a senior in a few months. Throughout my stifled writing career in high school, I managed to find a voice in essays, like Be It Ever So Humble,and articles for the newspaper, which I enjoy writing very much. I will be Editor-in-Chief next year, and prayers are highly welcome. It will be my first leadership position...ever and I tremble at the thought of pleasing the highly unpredictable staff.

I hope that my talents have increased over the years as I began to explore how I felt about writing and how I should actually approach writing a story instead of just sitting down and spitting out words. Reviews are highly encouraged, as well are criticisms, but not flames. Criticisms will make me want to fix it; flames will only make me want to leave it the same out of spite. I'm weird, stfu.

I've had many inspirations in my short writing career so far, and some of them include: Angela (I miss you dearly, and I especially miss swapping stories with you. Come back to the computer!), Lacie (that summer was the best summer of my whole life), C.S. Lewis, Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury, Destiny's Gateway Romantic Fanfiction Archives (), my boyfriend Andy, who tries to make me understand that I don't suck even though he hates almost every canon I write for, and most recently, Scattered Logic (http:///).

I endeavor to keep my writing light and I enjoy both physical comedy and witty comedy in my stories. I think the best example I've ever written would be in my hero novel Nine Lives and a battle scene that took place in a grocery store. Imagine confused teenagers running about, villains getting covered in bananas and milk, canned soup being hurled about, turkeys used as shields, and a villain getting cracked over the back with a loaf of french bread, which led to this:

"Did you just hit me with that pastry?"

"Yo, that's not a pastry, ya cream puff! That's bread!" (That would be Angela.)

I also like to think that I can manage to capture the amazing tones of both Ray Bradbury and Kurt Vonnegut, and I direct you heartily to Door #5 to see where I believe I accomplished this.

Well, I suppose I'd better give you an overview of my stories from my point of let's review my stories in order of publication.

If I sound egotistical at all in this explanations, it is merely because I'm a bit happier with some of these works than I am with my fanfiction, probably because they're more recent. At any rate, when I say that a story is good, I don't really associate the comment with myself; in my opinion,stories exist as seperate entities in my mind and they merely use me as a medium to escape. The better the story is, the better I was merely able to interpret what the story wanted me to do and get it out as close to its original form as possible.

Love, Beauty, Because of You, You, Yours, End, Suffocating, Frustration, Going Down, Burning, Crashing: Well, they're poems. Most of them were written in that summer of Dragon Heart when I was gushing with infatuation for Andy. The darker ones, like Suffocating, were written as my grandma went into the hospital.

Confessions of a Hawk: I apologize for the formatting and for the bits near the end. I would edit them out and reupload, but fictionpress REFUSES to let me put in spaces where they should be, and if I try putting periods in where the spaces should be, fpc cuts that out too. Until I find a way to rememdy the situation, it will have to remain as it is. However, this story STILL manages to CRACK me up. I highly recommend it if you're ever sad; Seymour is hilarious.

AniMagi: It is done, but there is virtually no interest for it, so I don't bother uploading the chapters. I will if some people show interest for it. It'snot badif I may say so myself. There are a lot of characters, but I think they're pretty interesting. Please read.

Be It Ever So Humble: An English assignment that allowed me to explore how I felt when my grandma died. It sounds boring, but I find the tone in it fascinating. I worked very hard on making sure I got my grandma down, every movement, every quirk, every annoying thing she did. Please read it and let me know what you think.

Frozen Roses: Another reaction to my Grandma's death. I think this is perhaps the most emotional poem that I have written.

Door #5: I love this story. It is everything that I wanted to be, and there are scenes in there that are horrifying yet they keep me so entranced. Please, please, please read this. This is my first attempt at writing a short story, and I feel that it was a tremendous success. I want this story to get around as much as possible.

Please slide over to to see my other stories.

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