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Name: Izel Teresa del a Bella Lorrainé Kerwin (err, folks call me by several names - most of them are nice; Tey is one of them)
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Brown, goes past my shoulders, and has grown out bangs on the side that won't tie back when I put up my hair.
Location: Houston, Texas, USA - yes Texas and I DO have a slight accent. Not a heavy one, tho', I'm also Hispanic and used to speak Spanish only, the accent from that is with me, faintly though. Overall, I do have a fairly normal voice believe it or not!
Age: 15
Fav. Color: Any shade of blue
Fav. Song/Artist/and junk: Nothing right now interest me. Vanessa Carlton sorta - I wish I could play the piano like that!
Fav. Movie: LoTR or John Q
Fav. Fanfic: "Death of A Fairy Tale" Duuude, Sly's fanfics are awsome!
Fav. book: So far, nyeh, "Great Expectations"
Fav. Games: Um, well for Christmas I got FF Tactics..finished it, I loved it, but I still like FFIX better - it was longer. ^.^;;

I LOVE singing, painting, writing and FFIX, especially the music. I did start writing a FF9 fic a while ago, but I stopped because it was not only over done, but my ideas for where it would lead, I deemed, would pale in comparision to the ones already done. *update: I decided to finish the novelization, and I'm starting an original story, but that'll take awhile, no promises and no title yet, folks, sorry.* I'm also now starting on a sequal to the FFIX Novelization. I just need more reviews to get me to finish the Novelization first...*hinthintwinkwinkn*

I'm currently writing a play for this contest/drama class. I'm not in drama, but I don't often get to do what I like and have it be for school, plus the money for 1st place in the contest seems rather tempting. ;) I'm also busy with singing competitions, art, school (especially school, we're busy with projects and preparing for next year and the tests to pass to the next grade, which always gets hectic for some odd reason).

Cross the Heart: A Cinderella Story reviews
A short-play, for a contest. Cinderella warped, kinda. Please R&R but no flames...my first time writting a play.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,192 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Published: 4/6/2002