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Well, I've got a few MiSTs to my name now, so maybe I'll update my bio beyond this "I'm a newbie" crap...
I am Jimbo, and I'm just another MiSTer in a flood that's really been building in the last couple of months. Writing and music (drummers rule!) are my main loves, along with addicting myself to computers and eating anything with peanut butter in it. My MiSTs are a blend of my style, Best Brains' really nice concept, and a bit of Mblow0t5's style mixed in (i.e. using original MiSTers effectively).
Thanks for the good reviews, support, etc! Glad to see I'm doing something right. I don't know about "Mblow0t5's successor", but pretty good will work. After all, one of the main reasons I started MiSTing was reading her MiSTs and thinking it was a lot of fun. Besides, I want to be original (okay, okay, kind of).
Just to let you know, requests are encouraged: the riffs seem a little easier when you're attaching them to a completely new story. Also, all forms of review and criticism are accepted, by here or e-mail.
Go forth and hopefully enjoy the MiSTs. I update more or less weekly, so check back every once in a while if you want to see the newest edition.