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Within a week of finding fanfiction, I got an account and started posted fic. Now, many of my fics, rated NC-17 for safety, rather than for truly explicit sexual or violent content, are about to be deleted. I am very disappointed in for decided to oust me in this way, so I have deleted the fics I still have access to.

Extracurriuclar, the threesome will be out shortly, and it will only be available from private archives like the PSA and my own website. I am working on a Haven rewrite, which will also only be available on private archives.

For updates and information on these and other fics, join , because that's where all the cool NC-17 stories by interesting and responsible writers will be posted and linked to.

My thanks to for hosting me for the few months I was here, and I wish them luck in their future Ivy Blossom-free endeavours.