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This is MY bio! NOOO, not yours!!

Name: Christie Marie *

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Blonde. And now with blue stripes! lol.

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 115 lbs

Physical Defects: NONE DAMMIT...

Age: 13. I'm gonna be 14 July 5th!

Race: Caucasian

Heredity: Irish... My daddy is Irish! But we don't live there!

Religion: Catholic

Siblings: One older stepsister and one older stepbrother

Spouce: Uhm... No... Now boyfriend eihther...

Education: I'm in Eighth grade!! (I actually like my school...-_-...they've brainwashed me...go figure...)

Ocupation: Prep-hater and hacker! LOL! J/K!

Social status: Uhmm.. Probably... Aw, hell, I donno!

Parents: Noo... I have no parents! lol. J/K. Yeah, amazingly, I have parents! A mom and a dad!! Wooooow! ^-^

Morality: Actaully, I have no morals... I think I'll do almost anything...I guess...EXCEPT for cybering...cyber is for losers who cant get any in real life...

Phobia: Uhhmmmm... Heights!!! I hate heights!!! And tight places! EEEK!!! Other than that, none! :-)

Temperment: Umm...well...I am very mean...and quiet...and withdrawn...and VERY sarcastic...

Frustrations: I have actually alot... My locker, preps, this computer, not loading my stuff, people who hate rock... James... And lotsa others!

Desire: To be powerful! Mwahahaha!

Date and Location: Weeell... Easter! lol. March 31!

Fashion: Strictly prep-free clothing!!

Quote of the moment: "The wouldn't call it a crush if it didn't hurt..."

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