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I was bored so I decided to finnaly put up a BIO. Well what is there to say? I'm just your normal romance fic writer, although what sets me apart from most other fictionists is my choose of coupling. My favoriate couples are:

Zim x Gir (Invader Zim)(SHOUNEN AI)
Pepito x Gaz (Squee! and Invader Zim)
Zidane x Vivi (Final Fantasy IX)(SHOUNEN AI)
Hirokazu x Kenta (Digimon)(SHOUNEN AI)
Leomon x Juri (Digimon)
Takeru x Hikari (Digimon)
Burner x Emi (Dance Dance Revolution)
Boss x Bijou (Tottoko Hamutaro)
Howdy x Dexter (Tottoko Hamutaro)(SHOUNEN AI)
Maxwell x Sandy (Tottoko Hamutaro)
Joey x Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!)SLASH

The list just keeps on going, so to make a long couple list short (too late), I am a dedicated Slash and Het fanfiction writer. My current obsession at the moment is Hamtaro. Who could resist such a cute cuddly face? I'm not going to tell you any personal info about myself, because I like to remain mysterious. So until next time, Adieu!