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If you a rre reading this, you are probably a chap who shows interest in my stories. Here is some stuff about me:


True Name: I can not give it on the net. Call me Aero if you like. I let all my friends in the real world call me that.

Age: Changes on a yearly basis, but I was born August 22 1983.

Status: Single, and no girlfriend (far as I know)

hair: Brown

Eyes: browner

Height: six foot five inches. My younger Brother is taller than I. (yikes)

Weight: 250 lbs. I have these pesky llove handles I am attempting to get rid of.

Martial Art Style: Bok Fu. Developed by the Great Master Han, Book Fu was later introduced in America by a Mister Flint. It incorporates at least nine different martial arts styles into it, and is thus extremely versatile.

Chinese Zodiac: Water Boar

Aliases: Aero and Yami Aero People Stuff

Josh: My brother. he's 2 years younger than I, yet is taller!

Nathaniel: My other little brother. A spoiled brat, but ya gotta luv 'im.

Nick: known him and his sister all my life. Great friends. Nick is a former martial artist. He attended a Karate class in riverside, but got bored because they promoted him every month.

Jessica-san: Nick's elder sister. My brother, she, Nick and myself used to do nothing but go adventuring.

Chris: Arguably the Kuririn to my Goku. Best friend since 4th grade.

Daniel: I'd have to say he's the Yamucha to my Goku. We began as brief adversaries but became friends in the 6th grade. Like Yamucha, he loves the open desert.

Caleb: Second cousin once removed (I think). Ah, the times we've had at my great Aunt's place...so many adventures, even in recent years.

Shadie: (I won't reveal her right name on the net. I know her in person) A good friend and fellow anime fan is she. She is an author at this site. READ HER FICS! Through her I met some other interesting chaps.

TK: Ex-rival. Certainly the Vegeta to my Goku. The chap still owes me a civilized battle of wits with a mediator and so forth. He draws web comics.

Jesse. Leah, and Josh Tremeier: Friends I aint seen in nigh onto ten years. They live in the central coast as far as I know. Jesse helpe dme invent my catch phrase: "I JUMPED, BOOGER-HEAD!!"

Paul Sisemore IV: Same as above. We did a cheap ass home movie together once called "Attack of teh Dragon".

Michael Foote: Also a friend I met on the central coast.

Alex-san and Kyle-san: Two brothers on teh central coast. When I was like four Alex used to babysit my brother and I. He introduced us to Nintendo.

Megan-chan and Andrew: alex and Kyle's siblings.

Sensei: Mister Koghodai of West Wind Bok Fu,
Alameda. A capital fellow, strict but fair. Stuff I like
Favorite Japanese treat: Pocky
Favorite Anime: Dragonball/z
Favorite Manga: Same
Other anime/Manga: Tenchi Muyo, Ranma 1/2, Akira, Bubblegum Crisis/Crash, Burnup W, Gundam.
music: Rock, Hardcore, Anime Soundtrack music
Food: Anything but raisins, Brussels sprouts, and Jack and swiss Cheeses
Fave Mortal Kombat Character: Sub Zero

origin of Name Kamislash: It is not "Kami slash" as many believe. It is actually "Kam Islash", an Elvish name an aquaintance of mine made up for me.


WHY KURIRIN NEEDS A WALLET CHAIN CHAPTER 2: Kuririn loses his wallet! He and 18 are stranded. Just their luck, the whole city and for 100 miles has land rich in an ore that weakens them and prevents them from flying away!

THE WILD PARTY: A Brave Hearts and Pure Wings side story taking place during the Kimoto War. It follows the adventures of four warriors: Lennox Windia, Babaderu Bunyan, Shenron Ryong, and Taiga. These best of friends bravely fight alongside each other, facing demons and Kimotos.

A DBZ HALLOWEEN: A bit late, but only because good things cant be rushed. The Saiya-jin lunar Cycle peaks on October 31st. Vegeta is unnerved when Buruma tells him she is throwing a halloween party.

DragonballE, Quest Saga: Will be released after "Blood Brothers", "They Do Mix", and "It didn't Begin with love" , are finished. Everyone has a quest...be it internal or external. This is how I envision the DB world after DBZ ends, ignoring GT. Goku has gone missing...all is not well in the home of Mister Satan...Goten and Trunks make a resolution...Kuririn is aging faster than all the rest...a new evil stirs...

THE SIFU CAGE STORY: My first MK fic. The son of Frost and Johhny Cage wishes to follow in the footsteps of his father, mother, and uncle. Like his mother, he posesses freezing ability. Like his father, he is skilled in Jeet Kune Do and Karate.

c yall