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Well what can I say about me? First things first, I'm english, 15, a girly, I substitute strange words for normal ones.

The really wierd thing about me is that I'm not really a writer. I love helping people out with their work so if you have any trouble with anything LotR Fic realated then I'd be happy to help!


And now, for the favourites...

Film: LotR, both of them, and quite probably the next one, too!
Actor: Orlando Bloom for looks, but I like Craig Parker for talent. Don't you just love the face he makes in the extended DVD when Gimli swears st him? :)
Actress: Cate Blanchett (She can do every accent on the face of the earth for crying out loud!)
Story: To Have and to Hold by Lady Rheena cuz its just the best story in the whole big blue world.
Singer: Bif Naked or Enya. A bit of variety is never a bad thing...
Authors on : Lady Rheena, Dragon Keeper, Whispers of a Nameless fear, K-da-great, Lynliss and loads more I cant even think of right now!

Must dash, looooads of homework to stare at.