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MUHAHAHAHAH! I will contaminate you with...with...with-AAAAAAHHHHHH! Nothing to contaminate with! Wait! You shall be driven crazy by reading anything written by me! Including this bio! *pats crying people on the back* It's okay...chances are you'll be put in the empty cell next to me.


Okay, I'm bored, and I've decided I'll put something quasi-worthwhile on this profile. For once. Anyway, current projects (Or other writing stuff I have around my computer)


My computer went berserk. I should've known better than to trust Bill Gates with all my writing. So all I have is a backup I burned about 8 months ago in an odd moment of clarity and foresight. So, really, I knew better than to trust Bill Gates, I just didn't act on that knowledge often enough. So all I'm left with is a backup missing countless paragraphs that I've added to the 34 stories on there and 4 or 5 things that I'd started since November, which have been vaporized all together. Ah, well. Such is life.

Original! I don't know if I'll post this. It's actually not completely done yet, but I know where it's going, and in my slightly lame fantasies of publication, something involving Guardians (And if I do upload it, it will likely be the first of many.) is involved. Hehe. But maybe I will put it up. Fanfiction.net and through association, fictionpress is a home of sorts. Despite the many flaws I keep uploading here, and feel strange publishing elsewhere.

Another original.

School uses server system. Runaway sneaks in at night and writes stuff. The thing she doesn't realize is, she's saving it into one of the student's files. He finds them, and eventually they're communicating through writing.
The problem with this is that it's not realistic. What are the odds of something like that happening? I love the idea, but if I'm really going to work on it I have to believe it just a hair more. Beyond the characters, I mean. But I babble.


A class from Hawaii (Okay, I know how cliche that may sound, so I'll come out now; I was born/live on Oahu) get's stranded without a way home in Pennsylvania. Some start walking, and figure that they'll somehow devise a way to cross the Pacific on the trip. Some decide just to sit tight. Lana Mayal pulls Nathan aside and gives her idea: Hitchhike.

Old old myth thing.

Okay, in class a few years ago, we had a write-your-own-myth assignment. And I was going to type and upload it, but, well, I lost interest. Then I lost the handwritten copy. Yeah. It had Greek gods and stuff. Wasn't that good, either, so I guess it's kind of a lost cause.

MUD story.

MUDs, are, simply, text RPGs. A good place to learn about them is

Anyway, a MUD starts slowly seeping into real life. A fantasy MUD. Not that much of a good thing. And the way you can control it? Log in. Hehe. I should work on this. I know partly where it's going, and I wrote some.

Center Point.

Sixth grade. Say that everything before it led up to that. And everything after led away. Center Point is my attempt to illustrate the repercussions of a year. Journal entries and short narratives from the past and future surrounding the present.

Prophets of Madness.

College student realizes she might, just might be a schizophrenic from the future, imagining the whole world as you see it. What more can I say. All I know is, she takes psychology.

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