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I'm a random girl from southern cali who has just entered her junior year in high school with a sign pasted to the back of her head: 'i am freshmeat, waiting in line to bake in the oven for the pleasure of calculus teachers.' things are really heating up, and i won't be able to post every 3 to 7 days as i used to. now it'll probably be about 2 to 3 weeks. accccccck... they're evil!

The Persistence of Memory the most nonviolent in the inventory. I made a bet with rubie ( my host! go to her website: http:// )trying to prove that I can write a story without bashing people left and right, and this is going to be the guinea pig. Its under revision at the moment, and I really did change a lot of things in the revision. I would never have deleted all the chapters and reposted otherwise. Please read the revised chapters!

Clawtracks of a Star *hiatus* a sequel to Western Stars. It's hopelessly dark, endless torture on every character imaginable, which is not very good considering Harry's a nine year old, unstable kid. *sighs again* well, what can we say.

December *hiatus while PoM and CoS scrapes together*

Bad Intentions *in the works* a plausible Good Intentions sequel, not sure at the moment. Might be scraped.

Of Western Stars *soon to be revised*

Cheating Death *i plead you not to read this hideous story*