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I love to write and I like to think I'm pretty good at it. *shruggs* Is there really anything else to say :) * *
- Probably not but I'm gonna say it any way. ;p

Okay, about me! Hmm... how to describe myself? I talk to myself when I'm alone (and in the company of others... but that's a secret so... shhh!) I'm not real talkative to other people unless I'm completely lacking sleep. Then I jump around and act like I'm on a sugar high or something. I'm a little backwards I know, but what can I say?

I love animals and add them into my stories as often as possible. I also love manipulating the characters and seeing how far out of character i can go without actually going out of character. I'm a realistic cynic that loves to put her characters through emotional trauma and enjoys thinking up situations that cause them to go insane :) I'm sarcastic way beyond a fault and I must be narsisistic because I love talking about myself. I like to draw and I'd die if I lived in a city. I'm a perfectionist and can hardly stand to read my own work except to correct it. i'm constantly replacing my chapters and stories because I find little mistakes that just HAVE to be corrected. I read WAY to much and spend most of the rest of my time thinking of story ideas, arguing with myself over them, comparing my work to professional writers (which makes me majorly depressed- but somehow makes me angry enough to try to be better than them)and doing dishes! (the bane of my existance!)
My favorite author is Goerge R.R. Martin (He's my GOD!) but I also read Diana Palmer, Catherine Coulter, Mercedes Lackey (even though her plots are so predictable compared to GrrM that she bores me), and I'm currently reading Karen Robards. I read anything else that interrests me, but not enough to mention the authors. I hardly ever watch TV but when I do I like mainly action/adventure with romance thrown in. I can barely stomach HAPPY endings! I prefer bittersweet. I loved Pearl Harbor. I'm an avid Disney fan! Sleeping Beauty has to be the best one ever made, Beauty and the Best is a close second though. I love the anime The Last Unicorn. Well, I'm not sure if it's *technically* an anime, since it was done for America and is off of a book. Ohwell, I still love it. I'm out of things to write for now, but i'm sure I'll think of something else, I always do ;)

EVERYONE feel free to email me! I seriously don't have anough friends!!!!!!!! And if anyone would like thier fics edited I'd be more than happy to be of assistance. Just email me and I'll mail you a sample how I edit. I really love to help people and I enjoy seeing other people's writing improve. I should warn you though that I tend to be QUITE brutal :D.

OKAY, I'm done- I'm gone- I'm gone- I'm GOING!!!!

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