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Hiame and I are known as the Hentai Duo, and we are part of the anime quartet, which also has Rei and Kaze, who may appear in some of our fics. I like Angel Sanctuary, Chobits, Escaflowne (I love Dilandau! ^_~), Kaori Yuki, CLAMP, T.M. Revolution, and most all other anime and manga. My biggest pet peeve is people trying to write a serious/angsty story that is totally out of character! That really bugs me! Anyways, I'm done ranting. Hiame is an avid J-Rock fan, who is obsessed with Glay, Gackt, LArc'en'Ciel, Malice Mizer, and Dir en Grey. She is also The Bishounen Lover. We are incapable of writing serious fanfiction, so we either MST or write dumb fics with no plot. I am also the Mistress of Water, and Hiame is the Fire Goddess, so you might be seeing our powers manifesting in some of our fanfics! ^_^

The link to our homepage above is the new location of our MSTs that our good friend Erikkurisuchan made for us! So all of our MSTs will be there from now on. Also we are sending some to Dissolved Girl's page, so go either way they will get read...we hope! ^_^*