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Thank you for wandering about me and checking my bio. So what does one tell about oneself that might interest you? Surely not that one of my more serious hobbies is and writing- you've probably guessed that already.

Alright, a few facts of life. I am a 34 year old Dutch lady. I live with my black tomcat in the west of the Netherlands, near the coast. I love the sea, the forests and the dunes. My family and friends are very important to me, although I do not care much for a mushy social life.

I work as an archivist in an extremely logical scientific institution. This day-job has proven to be a much needed counterweight to my new-age dreamers mind.

I know a little about the true magic behind our daily lives and am fascinated with it.

My true name, Angelique, means 'to be like an angel'. When I was little I was sometimes called 'bangelique', a cross between my name and the Dutch word for a tomboy, a 'bengel'. In appearance and attitude, there is preciously little of the 'angel' in me. But I very much like the messenger aspect of the name, for that is what I try to do with my stories; to relate to the world my innermost feelings and heartfelt messages. Gift-wrapped within a story, with ribbons of humour, excitement, and my love.

Love and respect to you all.