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Joined 12-11-01, id: 137578
Finally got my old harddrive up and running.
I'm scared.

Major fandoms:
Detective Conan (Jan 02 to current): 113 files, 1 mb
Inuyasha (Feb 2000 to Jan 02) 128 files, 499k
Slayers (Jun 2000 to May 02): 40 files, 262k
Extreme Ghostbusters: (Dec 98 - Aug 01) 65 files, 251k

These are all straight *.txt files, not including other fandoms (such as GenX, Saiyuki, Yami no Mastuei) that we've written in. o_O (yes, some are unfinished/unposted stories)

Not only are we writing longer stories, but the sheer amount of them has increased. Wow.

The current Inuyasha popularity is amusing to me, we've been out of the fandom longer than most people have been in it. *snerks*