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update time. I haven't posted anything in forever. I must apologize for the long waits and short chapters.
The sixth chapter is up *ju,mps for joy. Hopefully I'll have another by the end of November. Key word: 'hopefully'.

The third chapter of 'Plight of Angels' is 1/2 done. I'll put in more effort. Expect the new chapter out sometime before Christmas. Maybe eariler if I get into the writing mood and have my computer nearby. Key word(s): 'maybe' and 'if'.

A/S/L ? I'm a teenage Canadian girl, (and no we don't live in igloos) who loves writing and dancing. For anyone who doesn't already know I write takari. My fics will also often include myiken, taiora, or mimato if it fits. O and by the way, I also go by, and prefer to be called simply mandy ~_~ .

I am currently working on two main projects (and a few others):

Through the Darkness: I have a feeling most chapters will be short. Exect them once a month if i'm lucky.
Summery - A dark power is trying to corrupt Kari and possess her in order to fulfill his evil crusade. The digidestined are forced to struggle in order to defeat the cruel vengeance of one with incredible power in a battle beyond their wildest dreams. Although they do get some help...

Plight of angels: reformated begining. I have a basic plan for the most of the fic but there are still MANY holes.
Summery - A medieval AU set in a time where magic is everywhere and anything is possible. An evil sorcerer is on a mission to conquer the world, yet one thing stands in his way. The Light of Hope. Created by the elements a miraculous gemstone called the soul of destiny is fabled have the power to create and destroy worlds when called upon by the unison of the eight spirits: The beetle, the walrus, the wolf, the dragon, the phoenix, the flower and two angels. If he can possess this power he would become invincible. But there are those who will stop at nothing to see that does no happen.

Sand- a new fic I'm working on in my spare time (not that I have any). It won't be posted until I get most of it done, so you probably won't see it for years (jks).
summery - a young boy taken in by the misteress of an acadamy. Years later she dies and his elder 'sister' forces him to work as a bodyguard for the daughter of exiled royalty. When the girl discover's her parents have been capture the two set out on the jorney of a lifetime. Includes romance, mystery, action and much more.

Tenshi- same deal as Sand.
summery- Years later a new group call the NEO dark masters threatens the world and the DDs are called back. They learn of a protector who battles the evil who the locals Tenshi. Everyone has their susspisions, but who is this hero really; and what are his true intensions.

I have another but this one has no title but more develped that some I have posted right now It's a multichapter with most chapters being indiviual song fics that all mold into one collosal story justifing the official 02 couples and jobs, sorting through most of the main coupling of fanfics and then eventually correcting it to what most people believe in. I could use advice from anyone who reads this. Please email me.

There are a few others that I have going, but nothing to note.

which concept u like better; Sand, Tenshi, or the untitle one I mentioned and I'll try and get that out for u sooner than later. please R&R ~_~

Mascara by American Schokolade reviews
slash The end of my three year relationship changes my life more than I ever thought it would, and I am hardly pleased when I find myself the plaything of two bickering gay guys, especially when one of the guys' sexy friend agrees to pick on me. Complete
Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Humor - Chapters: 23 - Words: 102,418 - Reviews: 540 - Favs: 813 - Follows: 95 - Updated: 6/1/2006 - Published: 12/28/2005 - Complete